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Dock House Exterior Loading Dock Leveler

Dockzilla’s Dock House with Exterior Loading Dock Leveler is a modular structure that integrates our self-standing dock leveler and an adjustable steel frame within a Dock House enclosure. Unlike conventional pit levelers, this dock house design attaches to the outside of a facility to retrofit any dock door without permanent construction.



A More Modern & Sustainable Approach to Loading Dock Design 

Dockzilla’s Dock Houses and Exterior Loading Dock Levelers install on the exterior of the building to drive substantial ROI:

Save Energy: Dock door closes directly on the building floor, not on a steel dock plate that hemorrhages energy with surrounding one-inch gaps. Read more.

Get it Faster: Exterior bolt-on design installed in one day, including on uneven asphalt, with optional plug in 115 V-1PH power. Read more.

Preserve Floor Space: Reclaim interior floor space that would otherwise be occupied by inefficient pit-style levelers. Read more.

Absorbs Impact: Exclusive steel Dock House frame diverts trailer impact away from the building to protect it. Read more.


Dock House with Loading Dock Leveler Boosts Savings

  • Installed in a day, without disrupting internal operations
  • Save 100 sq. ft. of floor space per dock
  • Substantial energy savings of up to $2,500/yr. per dock
  • Detach & relocate your investment

European Design & Dockzilla Engineering

Assemble the Housing

Fast Retrofit

Dock House with Exterior Dock Leveler is installed in a day, so you can avoid internal disruptions, concrete work, unknown hazards and costly downtime involved with installing pit levelers. Power options are customized per site and include a plug in DC retrofit option, no electrician needed.

dockzilla dock house fast retrofit

Cold Loading Vestibule

Dock House with Exterior Dock Leveler encloses our self-standing dock leveler to create a “vestibule” that delivers thermal efficiencies when trailers are in position for loading. An exterior door can be added to the vestibule to realize additional efficiencies.

dockzilla stop energy loss dock house

Energy Savings

Dock House with Exterior Dock Leveler enables the dock door to close directly the building floor instead of a steel dock plate saving up to $2,500 per year per dock position. Watch a video here.

warehouse saves space with dock house dock leveler

Preserve Floor Space

The modular Dock House with Exterior Loading Dock Leveler bolts onto the exterior of a building which preserves internal floor space for warehouse operations. It’s easily detached and relocated when needed.

Truck unloading at a Dock House

Ready for High-Cycle

The high-strength steel frame absorbs impact and deflects forces away from the building, minimizing damage from trailers compared to direct pit-leveler hits.

Dockzilla Skewed Dock House

Customized Per Application

Dock House with Exterior Dock Leveler can be engineered to customer specifications, by integrating scissor lifts, VHL levelers, skewed options etc. Length can be customized to accommodate 4 – 15’+ leveler.



Dockzilla’s loading dock equipment is architecturally designed per OSHA/IBC codes for safety. Loading Dock House levelers are self-supported and equipped with safety features to protect employees.



Dock House with Loading Dock Leveler are built from high strength steel at capacities required for customer’s forklift loading needs. They are designed for long term use and feature a 5-year structural warranty.


Fast & Easy

Dock House with Loading Dock Levelers are attached in a day, with no disruption to internal operations, while pit leveler installation requires weeks of downtime due to permitting, substantial demolition, and concrete work.



Dock House with Loading Dock Leveler is easily detached from the building and relocated, while pit style dock levelers structurally change a facility and may require significant reclamation expenses when a lease ends.

“Installing Dockzilla’s Dock House with Loading Dock Leveler is a no brainer. Having a more modern and sustainable dock leveler option that means we don’t have to dig pits out of our building floors just makes a ton of sense.”

– Andy Vacek, Director of Global Distribution and Logistics, Banner Engineering



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