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Portable Loading Dock

Dockzilla’s Portable Loading Dock is a premium forklift loading ramp that features self-supporting front safety legs and integral dock leveler to load trailers anywhere needed. Our portable loading docks are engineered with next-level safety features such as employee handrails, guardrails, extra tall side curbs, and vehicle restraint compatibility. These relocatable loading docks arrive quickly and they’re ready for action in just a few hours without the need for site prep or construction. Get the specs here.



Modular Loading Dock Adds Shipping Capacity Anywhere

Dockzilla’s Portable Loading Dock fuels forklift operations that’s 5x faster than manually loading trailers. Architecturally-designed per OSHA and IBC codes, these modular structures are ideal for adding shipping capacity and for use at grade-level buildings (without dock high doors). These portable loading docks feature a patented design that absorbs trailer impact forces, so the dock won’t slide out of place when trailers back into the unit.  And there’s more Dockzilla ingenuity to check out with these exclusive options:

  • Cheesegrater® Hydraulic Dock Leveler: features traction “grating” & operates via a simple push-button
  • Solar Power: to initiate hydraulics for remote loading operations away from a power source
  • Mobility: configured to add a wheel base and solid 20″ wheels to move the loading dock often

Architecturally-Sound, Boosts Velocity

  • Increase productivity at facilities without loading docks
  • Add loading capacity to meet shipping demands
  • Pre-engineered for employee & forklift safety per OSHA/IBC
  • Hydraulic and solar powered dock leveler options available for high-speed or remote applications

Quickly Create Dock Height Loading for Forklifts


Impact Resistant

Patented, impact-resistance design, which means that this self-supported loading dock absorbs trailer impact over and over again without sliding out of place during daily loading operations.


Self-Supported Structure

Architecturally-designed per IBC codes with front safety legs built from high-strength steel, so it has the structural integrity to stand on its own to tackle the repeated impact and abuse of daily loading operations.


Relocatable & Sustainable

Modular structures eliminate the need for loading dock construction and can be easily disassembled, removed from a property, and relocated elsewhere, giving customers the ability to repurpose their investment.


Eliminates Safety Hazards

Designed per OSHA safety requirements with employee handrails/guardrails above 42″ elevation, extra tall 13″ sidecurbs, forklift traction grating, safety steps, and optional vehicle restraint.


Interior Loading Dock

For customers with grade-level buildings (and therefore, no dock high doors), or a need to set up shipping operations on the inside of their facility, these units can easily serve as interior loading docks.


Return on Investment

High-quality portable loading docks command an upfront investment that pays off quickly thanks to premium safety features, intuitive functionality, minimal maintenance, long-term durability, and a 5-year structural warranty.



Built per IBC and OSHA safety codes, and features pedestrian guardrails, handrails, wheel chocks and optional trailer restraint. Read more.



High-strength steel frame with bolt-down base plates, premium laminated dock bumpers, and impact resistance, to stand up to the rigors of daily loading. Read more.


Fast & Easy

Pre-fabricated typically ships within 2-4 weeks, the unit can be ready for action in < 2 hours of arrival. Read more.



Can be positioned anywhere on a property, including inside a facility to boost shipping capacity and loading velocity. Read more.

“Our company owns a grade-level facility we use for a cross docking operation, and we wanted to add a loading dock without undergoing a large-scale rehab project. With Dockzilla’s Portable Loading Dock, we’ve been able to leverage the available space on our property to load and unload trailers. We can move and utilize this investment if, and when our needs change.”

– Mike Brewington, President, Iowa Beverage Systems



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