Building Expansion & Levelers - Dockzilla
DZ Series

Building Expansion & Dock Levelers

Dockzilla’s modular loading dock levelers and freestanding platform sections provide a fast and easy retrofit for any facility. These units attach to the outside of a facility so there’s more space for internal warehouse operations.

Expand Facilities Without Construction

Dockzilla’s modular loading dock levelers can stand on their own at a dock door, or they can kit together with elevated platform sections to create additional square footage for shipping operations outside a building. Our engineers configure the dock door retrofit or building expansion solution needed, without requiring any conventional construction.

Exterior Loading Dock Leveler

These modular, self-standing units bolt onto the building exterior to preserve floor space inside. These exterior dock levelers deliver significantly higher ROI than conventional pit-style dock levelers that require excavation of the building floor.

Dock House Leveler

This modular loading structure integrates our self-standing dock leveler encased inside a Dock House frame.  This Load House is a European design that  encloses the area between the building and trailer to drive thermal efficiencies, protect against theft, and ensure a cleaner loading area.

Building Expansion Platform

Our building expansion platform can integrate with any facility to expand square footage on the outside or to add more dock positions by leveraging a single dock door.

“Our business is fast-paced and dynamic, so we chose a loading dock from Dockzilla to boost our velocity and safeguard the hard-working employees we rely on to keep our operations humming along.” 

– Pete Boudreau, General Manager, Ming’s Mark 

Ask an Engineer

It’s time to stop shopping for a loading solution and talk to a real engineer who understands what goes down at the loading dock.