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Extra Wide Loading Dock

Dockzilla’s Extra Wide Loading Dock gives forklift operators more clear width to maneuver and load oversized shipments into trailers. Featuring a larger loading deck platform and measuring one-foot wider than typical yard ramps, these premium units elevate productivity because they enable forklifts to service incoming trailers that arrive off-center and load trailers to full capacity. Get the specs here.



Extra Wide Loading Dock Measures Up to Oversized Freight

Dockzilla’s Extra Wide Loading Dock eases the difficult transition of expansive freight from dock to trailer. These wider loading docks set up outside of the trailer doors and there’s no side curb interference, so forklifts have more room to maneuver when handling sizable freight such as residential storage pods, automotive racking, and lumber. The extra wide loading ramp makes it easier to load trailers that arrive off-center, and truck drivers need fewer attempts to line up with this bigger target.  These design features translate to fuller trailer loads, shipping velocity, and reduced transportation costs.

Wider Ramp Fuels Productivity

  • Extra foot of usable clear width vs. typical loading ramps
  • More room for forklifts to load trailers to full capacity
  • More confidence and efficiencies when loading oversized goods
  • Easier to service trailers that arrive off-center without lost momentum
  • 5-year structural warranty

Manhandle Wide Loads


108″ Usable Clear Width

Loading deck measures 9′ wide, making it much easier for forklifts to load extremely large freight into trailers.


Expansive Loading Deck

A 15′ loading deck gives forklifts more room to drive sizable freight into the trailer – enables more precise, fuller loads, which lowers transportation costs.

Remco Inc wideload 4_preview

Daily Mobility

Built on a solid wheel base so the loading dock can be easily maneuvered by a forklift and positioned to meet trailers wherever they arrive. Ideal for properties where space is limited.


Architectural Design

This self-supported modular loading dock arrives as a prefabricated unit, complete with handrails, extra tall sidecurbs, forklift traction grating, and vehicle restraint compatibility.

Dockzilla Remco Inc Wideload 001

Wider Set Up

Removes loading barriers for oversized freight by setting up outside trailer doors and eliminating side curb interference so forklifts can move freely.

Dockzilla Wideload with Rack Side

Delivers ROI

Sets up outside trailer doors allowing forklifts to load trailers that arrive off-center. Truck drivers don’t have to take the extra time to re-position and align the trailer with the ramp.



Self-standing loading ramp helps forklift operators safely maneuver awkward shipments. Includes front safety legs, handrails, wheel chocks, with trailer restraints available as an option.



High-strength steel structure is designed for longevity and minimal to no maintenance. Includes an industry-leading 5-year structural warranty.


Fast & Easy

Added clear width gives forklifts more operating room, which expedites oversize freight loading and allows off-center trailers to be serviced without re-positioning multiple times.



These mobile loading ramps are easily positioned by a forklift, and the front legs are adjustable within a 36” to 56” service range to accommodate trailer height.

“Our business is fast-paced and dynamic, so we chose a loading dock from Dockzilla to boost our velocity and safeguard the hard working employees we rely on to keep our operations humming along.”

-Pete Boudreau, General Manager, Ming’s Mark



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