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Get a Dock Leveler in a Day, No Costly Down Time

Dockzilla’s Dock House is a modular structure that integrates our self-standing Exterior Loading Dock Leveler inside an adjustable steel frame and a dock door enclosure. Unlike conventional pit-style dock levelers, that require weeks of demolition and disruption for installation, our European Load House design attaches to the outside of a facility to retrofit any dock door in just one day.


No Interruption to Operations

Dockzilla’s Dock House and Exterior Loading Dock Leveler can be attached to the outside of facility in one day, while inside operations continue–business as usual. Conversely, an internal pit leveler installation can render a dock door unusable for months, while a wide range of sub-contractors come and go in order to prep the space, demolish the building floor, pour concrete, and set up complex electrical configurations.

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One-Stop Architect & Install

There are countless variables to consider at each loading dock, which is why a single canned solution rarely works for every customer. Dockzilla’s sales engineers work with you to configure a built-to-order dock leveler solution based on your loading needs:

  • Dock House structures are available in a wide range of leveler sizing, with specialized integrations such as scissors lifts and VHL levelers.
  • Optional features include: vehicle restraints, weather doors, insulation, lights, rain diverters, and more.
  • Dockzilla project managers will step in to ensure a seamless installation process with a single point of contact for the customer.
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No Excavation or Construction

Tearing the floor out is messy and expensive, and it’s just not necessary with Dockzilla’s Dock House and Exterior Loading Dock Leveler. An internal pit leveler install requires construction crews to excavate the concrete floor, a process which:

  • Stirs up dangerous, airborne OSHA-regulated silica dusts, that can be harmful to employees and result in a $100k OSHA fine if not properly managed
  • Creates a windstorm of concrete dust that makes clean-up difficult when the project is over
  • Often uncovers unanticipated hurdles, like electrical or plumbing issues that can add expense and timing
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Bolt-On Design

Unlike the permanent construction involved with conventional pit levelers, the Dock House and self-standing Exterior Loading Dock Leveler are attached to the outside of a facility to retrofit any dock door, typically without requiring building permits. These modular structures create significant ROI for customers in a variety of ways:

  • The adjustable steel frame is bolted to the ground and conforms to any surface – even concrete or asphalt.
  • These units are bolted onto a facility, so they’re removable when a lease ends or when it’s time to expand.
  • There’s no structural changes involved, so building reclamation is minimal when returning to original condition.


Stop shopping and talk to a real engineer who understands what goes down at the loading dock.

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