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Dock to Ground Ramp

Dockzilla’s Dock to Ground Ramps give vehicles and forklifts access from grade level into industrial or spec facilities. These prefabricated structures retrofit any dock door without permanent construction and they can be relocated when a lease ends or as business needs evolve. Get the specs here.



Premium Ramp Engineered for Safety

Unlike commodity models, Dockzilla’s premium dock to grade ramps are built at 96” clear width (vs. 78”) to match typical 8’ wide dock doors. They’re architecturally-engineered to tackle common safety issues and they arrive equipped with:

  • adjustable front safety legs – so they don’t rely on the building floor for support
  • pedestrian guardrails and handrails per OSHA/IBC
  • 13″ tall sidecurbs – typical ramps are only 6″-7″

Our dock to ground ramps also include traction grating and recessed sidecurbs so that forklifts, fleet vehicles, and delivery trucks can safely run back and forth into warehouses for loading operations or overnight security.

Fully-Loaded Ramps

  • Premium design vs. commodity yard ramps
  • Engineered with OSHA/IBC safety features
  • Prefabricated for fast onsite set up in less than 2 hours
  • Modular structure that’s relocatable
  • 5-year structural warranty

Store Fleets Inside for Overnight Security

Dockzilla Lease with DTG and docks

Building Access

Retrofit any dock door to give forklifts and vehicles facility access through dock height doors for loading, overnight security, and storage.


Premium Safety

Self-supported ramps are loaded with safety features like handrails/guardrails (OSHA/IBC), tall side curbs, and bolt-down base plates.


Structural Warranty

Built from high-strength steel and backed by an industry-leading 5-year structural warranty.


Replaceable Bar Grating

Traction grating allows snow and ice to easily pass through and is easily replaced when needed.


More Clear Width

Built standard at 96” clear width to match dock doors.  Also available up to 138” wide and up to 80,000 lb. capacity.


Fast Install

Arrives quickly ready to use in just a couple of hours without the hassle of construction.



Designed per OSHA standards for conventional dock ramps and includes pedestrian handrails, guardrails, extra tall sidecurbs and front safety legs.



High-strength steel dock-to-grade ramps leverage front legs for support and not just the lip of a yard ramp. Bolt-down base plates keep the ramp in place while vehicles cruise up and down.


Fast & Easy

Units are typically in-stock and ready to ship.  They’re prefabricated so offload and set up takes less than 2 hours.



Modular dock to grade ramps are easily removed from the dock door with minimal to no damage to the building, which makes reclamation a snap when the lease ends.


“When our subleasing deal was compromised due to the potential tenant’s loading dock requirements, we retrofitted one of our dock doors with a Dockzilla Dock to Ground Ramp. This modular unit gave our tenant building access for their forklifts and vehicles, and helped us seal the deal.  We loved that we have the ability to remove or relocate our ramp investment depending on future tenant needs without damage to our building.”

– Alex Jacoby, Facilities Manager at Pryes Brewing Company, LLC



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