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DZ Series

Barriers & Safety Equipment

Dockzilla offers several stand-out products that safeguard personnel and forklifts operating in busy warehouse environmentsOur modular safety equipment is easy to install and can be removed or relocated when needed.

Designed to Premeditate Loading Hazards & Increase Productivity 

While we integrate substantial safety features into every loading solution, Dockzilla features a line-up of modular loading dock products that are engineered to premeditate and virtually eliminate the hazards involved when working around loading docks, railcar drop-offs, and heavy equipment.  We also offer specialized products to simplify delivery van loading at dock high doors, and various enhancements like steps and signage that make loading dock tasks easier and safer for employees.

Rail Dock Safety Barrier

Dockzilla’s Rail Dock Safety Barriers provide elevated levels of personnel and forklift fall protection at rail sidings. These heavy-duty Dockshield® barriers feature patented designs that hold these units steadfast when struck by a forklift and  simplify removal and replacement of sections during the railcar loading process. 

Safety Swing Gates

Dockzilla’s Safety Swing Gates provide personnel fall protection wherever hazardous openings occur at the loading dock. These versatile safety barriers are designed to”swing” into place as needed to safeguard employees.

Roller Truck Board

Dockzilla’s Roller Truck Board is a mobile dock plate that simplifies and expedites loading into last mile delivery vehicles. When utilized in conjunction with our Universal Height Ramp that raises small delivery vans up to dock height, the roller truck board increases safety and ergonomics for employees.

“Dockzilla’s Mobile Dock Board (Roller Truck Board) has solved an ever-nagging issue we have been experiencing with the challenges within the supply chain.  Dockzilla’s solution literally bridges the gap for us and allows our personnel to work in a much safer environment. 

 – Brent Winter, Project Manufacturing Engineer, Emerson Automation Solutions 

Ask an Engineer

Working around open dock doors and unguarded rail dock sidings is no joke. Let our sales engineers get you set up with the right safety system to protect employees.