About Us - Dockzilla Loading Docks

Initially, top manufacturers deployed our team to tackle issues with their conventional loading dock design and apply critical OSHA standards and International Building Codes. Eventually, we removed the confines of concrete from this equation and introduced the Dockzilla Portable Loading Dock in 2011. This industry game-changer continues to be the only complete modular loading dock to include architectural safety requirements of conventional construction as standard.

Our loading configurations are known for high performance in the most demanding loading environments, including Ford Motor Co., FedEx, Mercedes Benz, P&G, Georgia Pacific, and Wal-mart. We now offer nearly 50 loading dock products that improve safety and loading operations at E-commerce distribution centers, railcar docks, implement dealers, automobile manufacturers, military sites, and more.

Dockzilla Co. is a privately-owned company, headquartered west of the Twin Cities in Minnetonka, MN, with manufacturing facilities across the U.S.

Bio - Grant Leum (Chief Engineer & Dockzilla® Founder)

Grant Leum literally recreated the wheel.

When he struggled to find an acceptable tire to support a 30,000 lb. capacity mobile loading dock design, he crafted an exclusive “never flat” solid wheel.  In fact, Leum created an entire category of architecturally-sound loading docks that are removable and relocatable. The founder of Dockzilla® Portable Loading Docks, Leum filled a significant need for flexibility in materials handling.

Tapping this relentlessly inventive Dockzilla spirit, Leum has designed portable loading dock configurations with insights and nuances for countless loading applications, such as: wider loading decks, high-capacity implement loading, less manual engagement, loss of interior floor space, forklift tire damage, safeguarding rail docks, and more. He has been awarded more than 20 U.S. and International patents and has several products integrated into major manufacturer’s “best practice” operating procedures.

The youngest of six children, this Wisconsin farm boy learned the mechanics of heavy equipment, job site safety, and maintenance (along with a few Norwegian cuss words) working alongside his father. Leum’s natural artistic and mathematical instincts led him to the prestigious Milwaukee School of Engineering, where he received a degree in structural engineering.

He held engineering and management positions in materials handling at Rite Hite Corporation, becoming well-versed in loading dock design, architectural safety codes, and concrete construction. Leum formed his own company, initially named Leum Engineering, Inc. in 1998.

His products have been nominated for Plant Engineering’s “Product of the Year” award nominations. Leum has also designed marketing show-stoppers for national consumer brands such as for Miller Coors and Duluth Trading Company.