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Universal Height Ramp

Dockzilla’s Universal Height Ramps are versatile loading ramps that are universally-designed to service both short delivery vans and standard trailers at the same dock door. These hydraulic vehicle leveler ramps retrofit any dock door to raise last mile delivery vehicles like box trucks, pup trailers and sprinter vans to dock height.



Universal Design for Loading Trailers & Vans at the Same Dock Door

Because Dockzilla’s Universal Height Ramps address the two-foot discrepancy between delivery vans and dock height, these hydraulic lift ramps reduce redundancies and ergonomic hazards for employees. They can quickly retrofit any dock door to create velocity for high volume last mile delivery operations or quick turnaround order fulfillment centers. These vehicle lift ramps simplify loading into smaller grocery delivery trucks, last mile sprinter vans, refrigerated dairy trucks, and parcel delivery vehicles, as well as maneuvering large white glove delivery orders like mattresses, furniture, and TVs into box trucks.

These ramps feature a universal design that makes any facility more viable in the real estate site selection process because you won’t need additional dock doors to accommodate standard 53′ trailers and delivery vans.  When trailers arrive to offload goods, the ramp remains in a “down position,” and it can then raise up to load vans via a simple push-button located inside the building. 

Eliminate Ergonomic Hazards When Loading Vans

  • Universal design makes existing facilities viable
  • No construction to add dock doors
  • LED lighting for driver communication & 24/7 loading
  • Raise via simple push-button inside the building
  • Roller dock board ramp is available for easier van loading

Hydraulically Adjustable Height Ramps Expedite Van Loading Operations


Rise Up

Addresses the 2 ft. height discrepancy between short van and dock height for safer, more efficient loading of last mile delivery vehicles.


Improve Ergonomics

Reduces redundancies and improves employee safety during loading operations with the ability to lift delivery vans to dock height.


Universal Design

Universal design accommodates standard height trailers AND short box trucks or vans at the same door so no more docks are needed.


Integral Lighting

Integral lighting that improves communication between driver and dock employees and improves visibility for 24/7 loading.


Fast Retrofit

Arrives quickly and are installed in a day to start delivering velocity for any last mile or high volume order fulfillment operation.


No Construction

Modular to retrofit any dock door without construction or any significant structural changes to the building.



Improved driver safety via “stop and go” LED lighting communication and a non-slip driver step. A roller dock board is available for enhanced van loading safety. Read more.



High strength steel structure backed by a 5-year structural warranty. Performance maintenance programs are also available. Read more.


Fast & Easy

Hydraulics raise vans to dock height for expedited loading and last mile delivery throughput. Modular units are quick retrofit that installs in one day. Read more.



The ability to raise and lower the ramp to accommodate vehicles of varying bed heights provides significant flexibility needed to expedite last mile operations. Read more.

“Dockzilla brings us solutions before we know we have a problem. They bring us so much more than just a product -it’s not even fair putting you on a spreadsheet with the other companies to consider.” 

  – Senior Architect, Top U.S. Shipping & Logistics Company



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