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Dock House Steel Frame Absorbs Impact So Your Building Doesn’t Have To

Truck unloading at a Dock House

The steel frame on Dockzilla’s Dock House transfers trailer impact forces away from the building, which makes the impact to the building minimal compared to a truck hitting it directly. The exclusive Dock House design allows you to add a dock leveler while protecting the building from the consistent impact of incoming vehicles and the damage they can create over time, this is especially meaningful if you have an older building.

Thrives in High-Cycle Environments

The Dock House with Exterior Dock Leveler is accustomed to taking the abuse of high-cycle loading docks. Forward-thinking Fortune 50 companies have implemented this exterior dock leveler concept to modernize their loading dock operations.

No Footings Needed

The self-standing Exterior Dock Leveler, within an adjustable steel frame, bolts to the ground and installs easily on asphalt or concrete, eliminating the need for footings. The steel, snow and wind-rated Dock House is covered in industrial vinyl to encase the dock leveler and attach to the exterior of the building to to retrofit any dock door without permanent construction.

Workers bolt dock leveler frame to the ground
dockzilla dock house fast retrofit

Pit-Style Dock Levelers Damage Buildings

Pit-style dock levelers can damage buildings through uneven loading, settlement, leaks, corrosion and neglected maintenance. The potential for damage increases exponentially with older buildings. In the photo below you’ll see how the customer tried to protect the building and dock leveler by adding reinforcement in the form of steel plates to the exterior building wall.

Building with pit-style leveler damaged from trailer

5-Year Structural Warranty

The Dock Houses with an Exterior Loading Dock Levelers are built from high-strength steel, are designed for long-term use, and come with a 5-year structural warranty.

Dock Houses and exterior dock levelers on building


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