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Dockzilla’s distribution platforms create high-speed cross docking and transloading capabilities on any property. These modular structures allow forklifts to quickly service incoming shipping containers and transfer loads across the facility into outbound trailers. They can be covered in a partial canopy or full enclosure, giving you a complete, cost-effective solution in a fraction of the time it takes for new construction.



Modular Facility + Loading Docks Fuels HighSpeed
Cross Docking on Any Property

Only Dockzilla’s loading dock and modular design know-how can deliver a cross docking or transloading facility on any property, so there’s no need to build a facility or invest in a long term lease. Our elevated structures kit together loading platform sections and an equal number of self-supported dock levelers on each side for high speed cross dock distribution. When freight is offloaded, it’s staged, sorted, and transferred across the dock to trailers bound for distribution centers.

Dockzilla custom-configures the elevated structures per customer specs, and provides a turnkey solution which includes site surveys, all of the engineering and loading dock equipment required, electrical and HVAC, project management, onsite assembly, and demobilization. These buildings  arrive as prefabricated sections for fast onsite assembly and they can be reconfigured to add or reduce square footage as needed. Dockzilla integrates high strength vinyl “membrane” coverings to partially or fully-enclose these structures for a complete cross docking warehouse. These facilities provide a cost-effective option for limited term use and market viability testing and they can be relocated to other sites  so your investment is repurposed. 

Modular Facilities Custom-Configured for Maximum Efficiency

  • Engineered narrow facilities minimize travel times/expedite cross dock distribution
  • Custom-configured to deliver substantial cost per door savings
  • Fast deployment (with temp building permits) ideal for short-term and market testing
  • Significant time and cost savings vs. brick & mortar construction or long-term lease

Quick Stand Up in Weeks vs Months



Pop-Up Distribution

Stands up on any property in a matter of weeks for container offloading and cross docking distribution.


Elevated Foundation

Elevated steel foundations raise platforms to dock height for efficient offloading of shipping containers and standard trailer loading.


Conforms to Site

Steel foundation is adjustable to adapt to any property and doesn’t typically require complex site prep or concrete pads. 

Cross Dock4

High-Speed Transloading

Custom-configured elevated distribution structures can unload shipping containers on one side, sort freight, and then cross dock shipments to outbound trailers.

Dockzilla Cross Dock

Semi-Permanent Design

Semi-permanent structures can serve as a temporary warehouse or for longer term use, and can be dismantled and relocated as needed.

Dockzilla cross dock customized design

Customized Design

Modular approach eliminates unnecessary square footage, reduces distance between dock positions and can seamlessly accommodate ancillary offices, generators, thermal capabilities, and more.



Designed per OSHA and IBC codes, reflected in guardrails, handrails, specialized non-slip surfaces, and dock positions designed to withstand repeated trailer impact loads.



Architecturally engineered and built from high-strength steel wide-flange beams to evenly distribute weight and support up to 85,000 lbs. for high speed distribution and warehousing. Solid girders with a “z” shape creates a stronger connection between side beams.


Fast & Easy

Arrives onsite as pre-fabricated units, so they’re quickly kitted together to create a complete facility in a mater of  weeks, versus the months needed to excavate and construct a new building.



Designed as modular sections, so you can add or remove square footage and dock positions as needed. They can also be relocated so you can take your investment with you wherever you go.

“In one of the most competitive markets we’ve ever seen, we had to get creative to solve our client’s needs and timing. In just 11 weeks, our client had a modular transload facility, fully engineered to building code for long-term use and designed to sustain hurricane-strength winds up to 147 mph. Incredibly impressed with the Dockzilla Co. team that proved to be diligent, responsive, and knowledgeable.”

– Patricia Rainone, Industrial Real Estate Advisor, Director at Lee & Associates



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