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Dockzilla’s Dock House Tailored For Difficult Angles

Dockzilla Skewed Dock House

When loading docks present challenging angles or space limitations, Dockzilla’s engineers are up for anything. Our team can work with your architect or independently to deploy a custom-configured Dock House leveler or self-standing Exterior Loading Dock Leveler outside your facility. These modular structures make it possible to tackle site issues while helping you save on outside design fees and construction costs.


Assess With Site Survey

Dockzilla’s engineers conduct on-site surveys to review the property, assess traffic patterns, and understand your loading operations. SEE PHOTO: In this case, the customer’s dock door was difficult for 53′ trailers to access due to the location of an adjacent building.


Architectural Engineering Included

Dockzilla’s engineers customized this 45-degree skewed Dock House design, which included a concrete pad due to the uneven gravel lot. Dockzilla regularly works with architects and customers that need assistance with the docks for new construction, retrofits or expansion. This often includes skewed dock designs, integrating scissors lifts, VHL levelers and more.

Dockhouse Skewed DZ

Bolt-On Design

Unlike conventional pit levelers, the modular Dock House and self-standing Exterior Loading Dock Leveler attaches to the outside of a facility to retrofit any dock door without permanent construction. The dock levelers are built inside an adjustable steel frame that typically conforms to any surface–even asphalt. In this situation, the Dock House leveler required a concrete pad due to the uneven gravel lot.


Fully-Loaded Solution

In the end, this customer was able to convert the space to become a functional warehouse by adding a Dock House and Exterior Loading Dock Leveler that’s fully enclosed for inclement weather and thermal benefits, hydraulically operated and customized with a 45-degree angle. Even better, they were able to avoid disruptive construction and floor destruction.

Dockzilla Skewed Dock House


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