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DZ Series

Loading Docks

Dockzilla’s modular loading docks are self-supported, heavy steel structures that can be positioned anywhere to load/unload trailers by forklift. These prolific freestanding units are fully-loaded with design elements that boost safety and productivity, such as our patented impact-resistance feature that holds the structure in place despite the rigors of daily trailer impact forces. Customers deploy these loading docks to add shipping capacity or load trailers inside or outside of grade-level facilities, without conventional construction.

Architecturally-Designed to Stand Up to the Rigors of Daily Loading

Dockzilla’s modular loading docks add shipping capacity and boost velocity for any loading operation. These top-of-the-line structures make it possible to load trailers 5Xs faster than manual loading, and they’re intuitively-designed for easy engagement which translates to fewer employees needed on the job.

These premium loading docks are engineered to anticipate common loading challenges – they feature more clear width to handle trailers that arrive off-center, and patented trailer impact resistance so the unit remains steadfast, despite trucks backing into the units daily. They’re architecturally-designed per IBC and OSHA codes, so they arrive complete with an integral dock leveler, handrails, guardrails, extra tall side curbs, and vehicle restraint compatibility. Dockzilla’s loading dock models can be equipped with hydraulic dock levelers, operated by a simple push-button for easy, safer loading operations.

Dockzilla offers fixed-position or mobile loading dock units, and configurations are available in widths up to 168” and capacities from 35,000 lbs. to 85,000 lbs., so they tackle standard or extremely heavy loads and oversized freight. They can be leveraged anywhere on a property, including behind existing dock doors inside a facility or in a remote location tapping our exclusive solar power package for dock leveler operation.

Portable Loading Dock

The Portable Loading Dock is the cornerstone of the Dockzilla lineup. This heavy-steel loading dock features a patented trailer impact-resistant design to deliver the integrity of concrete in a flexible forklift loading ramp. Showcasing massive front safety legs, this self-standing yard ramp mimics the performance of a permanent dock when added to any worksite, leased facility, or parking lot.

Mobile Loading Dock

For high-volume loading operations where flexibility is key, the Dockzilla Mobile Loading Dock easily moves and engages to load trailers anywhere. This “mobile yard ramp on steroids” intuitively eliminates a) intense manual pumping, b) “single-fork” forklift engagement (there’s a reason there are two), and c) the threat of a flat tire while hauling massive loads.

Loading Dock Platform

We’ve expanded our portable loading dock design with more dock positions and elevated workspace for quick-turnaround distribution. Forklifts use these self-supported structures to offload trailers, quickly sort and stage goods on the platform, and then transfer shipments into outbound trailers. These loading dock platforms are pre-fabricated for fast onsite assembly, and they can be reconfigured or relocated as needed.

Adjustable Height Loading Dock

These freestanding modular loading docks feature adjustable front legs for customers that service trailers of varying heights. This impactable yard ramp can be adjusted within a 36” to 56” service range that allows the loading of most vehicles from pick-up trucks to trailers and intermodal containers. This forklift loading ramp is ideal for adding loading docks to leased facilities and grade-level buildings without excavation and other costs associated with permanent loading dock construction.

Extra Wide Loading Dock

For loading wide freight into trailers on site, the Dockzilla Extra Wide Loading Dock features a 108″ clear width deck so forklifts can easily maneuver these awkward loads into trailers. This loading dock sets up outside the trailer doors so that there are no barriers keeping the forklift from accessing the trailer with wider shipments such as self-storage boxes or OEM racking.

High-Capacity Implement Loading Dock

Dockzilla’s High-Capacity Implement Loading Dock is engineered specifically for the chore of loading extremely heavy freight onto flatbed trailers. These units are leveraged by military units, as well as agricultural and construction equipment dealers to load everything from bulldozers to backhoes and Humvees.

“Our forklift operators love the Dockzilla mobile loading dock and it has worked perfectly! The former ramp was easily pushed around by trucks, and we had to bolt it down. We don’t have that problem with the Dockzilla because it is built more substantially. The system to move the Dockzilla is very easy and it’s difficult to damage.”

Sloane Larson, Plant Engineer, Montana Sulphur & Chemical Co. 

Ask an Engineer

Dockzilla’s modular loading docks can ship in a couple of weeks or our engineers can configure a built-to-order loading dock customized to customer specifications. Tell our sales engineers more about your application.