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Seeking to address inefficiencies at its bustling warehouse, a global e-commerce titan employed Dockzilla to optimize its existing grade-level loading dock layout to an elevated loading platform.

Under an extremely tight deadline, Dockzilla designed and installed a modular platform with a multi-lane drive ramp at the customer’s warehouse, accommodating 20 last-mile vehicles at once. This innovative solution eliminated the need for manual push-handling via a walk ramp, enabling them to load cargo directly from the dock onto the van, saving time and effort.

Results at a Glance:

  • Modular design allows customers to relocate and expand drive ramps as needed
  • Installed quickly and without any facility operational downtime
  • Platform features adjustable base plates to accommodate uneven grade conditions
  • Increased safety by adding enclosed handrails and serrated steel grating for weather protection


The Challenge

BEFORE: Ineffective grade-level loadout.

AFTER: Highly functional multi-lane modular platform.


Our customer was struggling with a cumbersome process for loading last-mile vehicles from their elevated dock to grade-level last mile vehicles. Their goal was to identify a highly functional & modular solution that could be installed quickly without disrupting regular facility operations.

Project Mandatories:

  • Platform solution that would align with dock doors to reduce cycle time
  • Extra wide drive-in ramps for larger vehicle sizes
  • Address uneven grading issues & existing pillars/overhang obstacles
  • Install without downtime or impact to facility operations
  • Complete project within an extremely tight timeline
  • Accommodate 20 last-mile vehicle positions for loading/unloading

The Solution


Dockzilla stepped in to provide a game-changing solution: a modular multi-lane drive ramp platform that streamlined their last mile vehicle loading and improved the facility’s cycle time and safety.

From design to installation, Dockzilla was the customer’s single point of contact, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience throughout the entire process.

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Custom Designed Solution

We created a one-of-a-kind elevated ramp system tailored to the customer’s needs, made up of 61 movable platforms – 19 of which were specially made to fit around existing structures.

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Installed on Uneven Grade

Our adjustable base plates effortlessly adapt to uneven surfaces, eliminating the need for costly concrete pouring, saving time and money.

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Safety First

Safety-focused design includes sturdy handrails, serrated steel grating for all-weather traction, and well-placed lighting for visibility.

The Results

10 Day Installation, Zero Impact to Operations

Our dedicated Dockzilla installation crews worked around the clock, including overnight shifts, to seamlessly remove the existing walk ramps from the facility and install the new drive ramps in just 10 days, ensuring uninterrupted operations for the facility.

Maximizing Efficiency to Save Steps (& Time)

Dockzilla’s modular drive ramps streamlined warehouse operations by providing a direct, level access point between the warehouse floor and last-mile vehicles. This reduced overall cycle time and minimized the number of steps required to load/unload.

Engineered Design to Meet Unique Customer Needs

From grading issues to existing structural hurdles, Dockzilla engineered a one-of-a-kind modular solution that didn’t require pouring new concrete or worse, starting from scratch.

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