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Dockzilla offers modular ramps that retrofit loading dock doors faster than conventional construction. Our pre-fabricated ramps are engineered for both common and complex issues at spec or leased facilities. Whether you need to raise short delivery vans to dock height, or get vehicles access into the building, our experts will help you select the right ramp for your needs.

Modular Ramps Retrofit Any Dock Door

No two loading docks are alike. That’s why Dockzilla’s modular ramps are designed to tackle any number of loading dock discrepancies that exist between a facility and incoming vehicles.

Our loading dock ramp lineup includes hydraulically-powered units that can lift and lower vehicles to dock height, as well as fixed-position and static models that address inferior loading dock design.

Dock to Ground Ramp

Dockzilla’s Dock to Ground Ramp connects the dock door to the grade outside a building so that vehicles and forklifts can gain access. This dock to grade ramp is wider than commodity ramps, features extra tall side curbs, and is built per OSHA standards with handrails, bolt-down base pates, and adjustable front legs to safeguard employees and truck lift operators when driving in and out of a building.

Universal Height Ramp

The Universal Height Ramp is hydraulically raised and lowered via simple, push-button operation so standard trailers and small last-mile delivery vans can be serviced at the same dock door. These modular structures include several safety and performance features, including a driver safety step and integrated LED lighting for driver communication and enhanced visibility at night.

Parcel Dock Ramp

Dockzilla’s Parcel Dock Ramps provide a cost effective retrofit to any loading dock door without construction or permanent change to the building. These fixed height riser ramps are set at a slight incline so they help shorter delivery vehicles back in for loading at dock height – level with the building floor.

Rear Axle Riser Ramp

When conventional loading dock design makes it difficult to load vehicles that are shorter than dock height, Dockzilla’s Rear Axle Riser Ramps are a smart retrofit for any dock door. These modular ramps lift the rear axle of short vehicles between 2″ and 10″ so they can be loaded or unloaded more easily when level with the building floor.

Z-DECK® Truck Leveler

Dockzilla’s Z-Deck® Truck Leveler is a hydraulic trailer lift used to unload drop-deck trailers that arrive below dock height. These leveler ramps raise these specialized trailers to facilitate full-access loading for safer operations and 100% trailer cubing. This riser ramp features simple, push-button operation that requires only one employee to raise and lower the unit from inside the building.

Drive-In Loading Ramp

Dockzilla’s Drive-In Loading Ramps retrofit elevated dock doors so that vehicles can drive into a building. These prefabricated loading dock ramps can be used for a variety of purposes, including order fulfillment operations inside a facility.

“Dockzilla swooped in with an epic ‘Bot Ramp’ that was critical to show production.”

– BATTLEBOTS Production Crew

Ask an Engineer

Dockzilla’s sales engineers can review your project needs and configure a dock door ramp last mile to bolster your loading operations. We provide site survey assistance, project management, installation services and maintenance programs to ensure that your ramps remain a valuable asset in your loading operation.