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Building Expansion Loading Dock Platform

Dockzilla’s building expansion platforms add elevated square footage and loading dock positions to any facility without construction. These modular, freestanding loading dock platforms are positioned at existing dock doors to increase usable space for forklifts to maneuver, and to create more dock leveler positions as needed.



Loading Dock Platforms Expand Facilities Without Construction

Dockzilla’s building expansion platforms provide a fast, versatile retrofit to existing grade level or dock height doors without requiring any structural changes to the building. These heavy steel platforms are positioned at existing doors (inside or outside the facility) to increase usable square footage.

Dockzilla’s engineers can configure these modular structures to address customer needs, including adding a high-strength vinyl covering or leveraging a single dock door into several new “power strip” dock positions. They can be relocated to other sites, and they’re reconfigurable, so platform sections and dock positions may be added or removed.

These building expansion platforms are deployed across a variety of industries, including food and beverage distributors, e-commerce order fulfillment and reverse logistics, and waste management and recycling centers. Ideal for shipping and receiving operations that handle chemicals or hazardous substances and materials, these loading dock platforms separate the material handling environment from the physical facility. For a stand-alone option, see Dockzilla’s Loading Dock Platform.

Elevated Platforms Transform One Loading Dock Door Into More

  • Stand up additional dock height loading dock positions without construction
  • Leverage a single loading dock door to create more dock positions
  • Set up temporary, more sustainable loading docks during facility construction projects
  • Unload and handle hazardous materials separately from existing warehouse operations

More Dock Positions for Added Shipping Capacity & Throughput


No Construction Needed

Arrive in pre-fabricated sections for quick assembly and attachment to a facility to expand usable square footage and shipping capacity sans construction. Read a case study.


Turn 1 Dock Door Into More

Leverage a single loading dock door to create additional dock positions using prefabricated platform sections & self-supported loading dock levelers.


Expanded Square Footage

Extend the usable square footage of any building to give forklifts ample space to maneuver and provide more space inside for storage and operations.


Interior Loading Platform

Configure to expand shipping operations inside or outside a facility.


Fast & Easy Installation

Modular platforms and dock levelers expand conventional loading dock doors in a fraction of the time it takes to deploy conventional construction.


Reconfigure & Relocate

Modular structures give you the ability to reconfigure the setup or relocate this investment to other sites as business needs evolve or when a lease ends.



Architectually-designed per safety standards such as handrails above 30” per IBC 1013.2, and handrails on the 48” platform per OSHA 1910.23(c)(1).



Heavy steel freestanding structures that are anchored to resist daily trailer impact force; include a five-year structural warranty.


Fast & Easy

Extends any facility in a fraction of the time that it takes for conventional construction. Dockzilla’s project management team coordinates delivery and onsite set up.



Custom-configured for customer loading applications with any number of self-supported dock levelers and platform sections. Modular units can be removed and relocated.

“Dockzilla’s ‘temp-docks’ are literally helping us bridge the gap between our current operations and the future state of our business. The modular shipping facility allows us to maintain business continuity during construction and eventually relocate the structure to maximize our investment. Dockzilla’s modular shipping facility concept has a significant advantage over stick-built construction due to velocity — their team had our new loading docks up and running in a few weeks.”

– Steven Weers, VP & GM of Operations, Wholestone Farms



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