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Dockzilla’s mobile cross dock gives customers 10 or more additional loading dock positions for small delivery vehicles without a real estate investment or building expansion. This modular shipping facility is a prefabricated, turnkey solution that makes it possible to simultaneously load 10 or more last-mile delivery vehicles at a single loading dock door or anywhere on a property. Only Dockzilla configures these units to customer specs and delivers them complete with electrical, conveyors, and all loading dock equipment included.



Immediately Add 10 Dock Positions
for Expedited Last Mile Deliveries

Dockzilla’s mobile cross dock is a self-contained sort center that arrives fully-equipped with electrical, conveyors, lighting, fans, and loading dock equipment to drive throughput for last mile delivery vehicles. These mini, modular DCs boost order fulfillment velocity for shipping deliver groceries, small packages and parcels, pharmaceuticals, auto parts, and other distribution.  These built-to-order facilities ship in a few months to help customers gain fast access to key markets for a variety of initiatives:

Market Testing: For real estate site selection teams that are evaluating market viability and opportunities in key zip codes prior to investing in a brick & mortar distribution center

Temporary Shipping Facility: Maximize time while waiting for building permits for permanent loading dock construction at a facility

Increased Cycles:  Leverage the added shipping capacity to run more cycles, increase daily delivery throughput, and significantly grow their bottom line

Turnkey to Maximize Parcel Shipping Velocity

  • Service short box trucks and vans without construction of new loading docks
  • Pre-manufactured so units arrive ready to go – no waiting for electrical work or loading dock equipment adders
  • Cost effective way to test last mile and other delivery routes before investing in real estate
  • More dock doors increase daily loading cycles and expands throughput
  • Mobile design allows the unit to be re-positioned and it can be relocated to other sites

Self-Contained Mobile Sort Center Expedites Last-Mile Package Fulfillment

Dockzilla Mobile Cross Dock Easy to Relocate

Easy to Relocate

Built on wheel axles for maneuverability, the mobile design allows the unit to be re-positioned and relocated near or far.

Dockzilla Mobile Cross Dock Instant 10 Dock Expansion

Instant 10-Dock Expansion

Attach to a single loading dock door, perpendicular to the building, to immediately create loading dock positions without any conventional construction.

Dockzilla Mobile Cross Dock Configured to Needs

Configured to Needs

Can be configured with conveyors and other material handling equipment needed to meet the needs of our customer’s specific loading operations.


Complete Loading Solution

Only Dockzilla integrates loading dock equipment into a mobile cross dock structure for a turnkey, single-sourced solution.  This modular structure can be re-positioned or completely relocated to a different location if needed.

Dockzilla Mobile Cross Dock Remote Set-Up

Remote Cross Dock Set-Up

Transform any property, from a parking lot to a sports stadium, into a high-speed distribution hub fully loaded with all the loading dock equipment needed, including generator power.

Dockzilla Mobile Cross Dock Hinged Dock Plates

Hinged Dock Plates

Integrates loading dock equipment needed for efficient and safe shipping operations, including hinged dock plates that provide a bridge between the dock and van floor.  



Interior nuances such as anti-slip, anti-fatigue rubber flooring and lighting minimize common employee hazards.



Each component of the mobile cross dock is engineered and built to perform in even the most demanding environments.


Fast & Easy

Since building permits and site prep aren’t typically required, our mobile cross docks arrive on site ready for duty in a fraction of the time that it takes for building construction or renovation, simply change our wheels and hook up power.



Five wheel axles and a trailer hitch make it possible to relocate these units on a site for use at a dock door or use as a stand alone sort center in a parking lot.

“The modular concept gives our customer the option to rent a warehouse to test project viability in a key market or to respond quickly to supply chain issues, without making a huge investment in permanent real estate. Dockzilla stands up high quality facilities with all of the required premium loading dock equipment in a few weeks, so there’s no reason to embark on a search for a brick-and-mortar facility if you don’t have to.”

– Ryan Heining, President/Owner, FRG, a Federal Prime Contractor for Facility Resources, Logistics and Security



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