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Mobile Loading Dock

Dockzilla’s Mobile Loading Dock is a modular loading ramp structure that’s built on a wheel base to provide mobility for daily loading operations. This high strength steel loading dock integrates a forklift loading ramp with an integral dock leveler, solid wheels, and height-adjustable front legs to deliver a unit that’s easy for forklifts to maneuver around a property. The mobile loading dock meets trailers where they arrive, and it can be stored out of the way when not in use. Get the specs here.



Mobile Loading Dock That’s Highly-Engineered & Easy to Use

Dockzilla’s mobile loading dock is not your typical mobile yard ramp. It’s an architecturally-engineered loading dock that’s designed to mitigate the most common hazards involved when employees are required to engage and position mobile equipment. Our mobile loading dock is fully-loaded with patented design features that simplify the process of connecting a forklift to the ramp and engaging the wheel base to unload trailers.

Connecting the Forklift:  Only Dockzilla’s mobile loading dock easily connects forklifts to the ramp via patented automatic kingpin attachment.  The forklift slides both forks into the kingpin and the dock is ready to move – without an employee needing to manually interact with both ramp and forklift.

Engaging the Ramp:  This unit also features a patented automatic wheel placement design that leverages the power of a forklift to set the loading dock and wheels into place. This eliminates the strenuous process of manually pumping hydraulics by employees to raise the dock into position for loading.

Prolific & Intuitive Mobile Loading Dock

  • Eliminates common hazards caused by commodity mobile ramps
  • Leverages existing property space for loading operations
  • Easily moves into storage, freeing up space for other priorities on a property
  • Meets trailers wherever they arrive for offloading

Safer for Forklifts to Engage & Maneuver


Intuitive Functionality

Incorporates the safety and integrity of a portable loading dock into a versatile unit that is easily positioned by a forklift to offload trailers wherever they arrive. 


Forklift Ready

Patented kingpin automatically connects to forklift to minimize employee involvement and mitigate against common movable yard ramp hazards.  


Wheels Up

Patented automatic wheel placement is handled by the forklift, no need for employees to do exhausting and dangerous manual hydraulics pumping. 


Wheels of Steel

Comes standard with 20″ solid steel wheels to easily maneuver by a forklift around any property to meet incoming trailers daily.


Substantial ROI

Substantial ROI vs. copycat mobile yard ramps, thanks to patented safety features, no-maintenance tires and safety support legs, and 5-year structural warranty. 


Integral Dock Leveler

Built-in integral dock leveler and self-supporting front safety legs, while typical yard ramps rely on the back of the trailer to hold them in place.



Patented automatic kingpin adjustment and ramp engagement to mitigate daily loading hazards. All of our loading docks include superior safety as part of our standard design that includes extra tall 13” side curbs, handrails, and ships ladder. Read more.



Pre-engineered and pre-fabricated from high strength steel, the mobile loading dock has staying power, so it’s an investment that can move with you to other facilities. This unit features an industry-leading 5-year structural warranty. Read more.


Fast & Easy

Typically in-stock and ready-to-ship ASAP or a couple of weeks. They’re offloaded and assembled within a few hours onsite, and then they’re (literally) ready to roll. Read more.



Built on a wheel base for easy maneuverability so you can position it wherever needed for loading, and then re-locate it elsewhere on the property when not in use. Read more.

“Our company has been an innovator for more than 75 years, so we recognize great design when we see it. Dockzilla’s Mobile Loading Dock is far and away more versatile than typical yard ramps, and it’s highly engineered for simplified maneuvering and usage. When we need to load shipping containers, this mobile dock ramp is easy to maneuver into position on our property, and it mitigates physical demands placed on employees during loading operations.”

– Bob Brown, President, Harsh International



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