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Dock House with Built-In Dock Leveler Fends Off Costly Energy Loss With Exterior Install

Internal pit-style dock levelers have been a fixture in U.S. warehouses for decades. However, when it comes to energy efficiency and providing a comfortable work environment, these antiquated dock plates have become a significant liability. By attaching a modular, self-supported dock leveler to the outside of a facility, Dockzilla’s Dock House and Exterior Loading Dock Leveler designs create annual cost savings and thermal benefits at the loading dock.


Save $2,500/Yr Per Dock

Traditional dock plates lack thermal benefits (or R Value), so they’re unable to trap heating or air conditioning inside a facility. Dockzilla’s modular dock levelers are attached on the outside of a facility, so the interior door closes directly on the building floor instead of a steel dock plate. This seals in heating or air conditioning and drives energy efficiency which translates to a savings of $2,500/yr. in HVAC costs per dock. Depending on the climate, type of building and its interior heating/cooling system, the savings could be substantially greater.

Dockzilla Energy Savings

Create a Thermal Vestibule

Dockzilla’s Dock House encloses incoming trailers to create a thermal “vestibule” during loading operations. Similar to the air entrapment systems used at the front entrance of a building to manage temps when the door opens and closes, this vestibule creates an ideal thermal environment for loading perishables into reefer trailers –including produce, frozen food, and refrigerated pharmaceuticals.

Insulation from Inside

Close Costly Gaps

When a facility is equipped with pit levelers, there’s typically a dramatic temperature difference between the warehouse and loading docks. The culprit?  The 9’x12′ dock plates that are uninsulated and surrounded by one-inch gaps, which allows costly heating or air conditioning to escape. By attaching Dockzilla’s Exterior Dock Leveler to the front of the dock and leaving the building floor intact, the dock door can close tightly on the concrete to seal in HVAC.

Dockzilla Dock Doors



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