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Welcome to Dockzilla, where loading docks are untethered from facilities for extreme business advantages over the permanence of concrete.  This unbridled mash-up of portability, structural integrity, and pre-meditative engineering anticipates what can happen at the loading dock, so our customers can focus on what they do best.  Our equipment is designed to withstand the rigors of trailer and forklift impact, yet can be easily removed or relocated to another facility when needed.  Check out our lineup of portable loading docks, ramps, platforms, safety barriers, railboards, and more.  It’s time to unleash your loading docks.  It’s time for Dockzilla.

Recent Projects

Dockzilla Seen on Manufacturing Marvels®

The producers captured our passion for engineering and manufacturing modern loading dock equipment. This “relentlessly-inventive” approach differentiates Dockzilla from commodity forklift loading ramps and traditional concrete construction in many ways.

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30 Tons of Unique Design

A Portable Loading Dock is used by this heavy equipment manufacturer to withstand bulldozer tracks during loading.  Because these vehicles specialize in obliterating rough terrain, this loading dock ramp is comprised of easily replaceable wooden planks vs. steel decking that would be cost-prohibitive to replace as often.

Locked and Loaded

A great survival tool for working outdoors year-round, the Adjustable Loading Dock helps this energy company efficiently and safely unload trailers during tough Minnesota winters.  Serrated bar grating amps up tire traction to keeps forklifts from sliding down the ramp and protects against icy build-up by allowing the snow and rain fall through.  Easily adjustable front legs accommodate variations in trailer heights without having to make major changes as new loads arrive.

When Duty Calls

The High-Capacity Implement Loading Dock was deployed by this military base to off-load oversized vehicles that arrive on flatbed trailers.  Despite its hefty frame, this mobile loading ramp features solid wheels designed to support massive loads, and for repositioning anywhere on the property.

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