Dockzilla - Setting Loading Docks Free Since 2002

Welcome to Dockzilla, where loading docks are untethered from facilities for extreme business advantages over the permanence of concrete.  This unbridled mash-up of portability, structural integrity, and pre-meditative engineering anticipates what can happen at the loading dock, so our customers can focus on what they do best.  Our equipment is designed to withstand the rigors of trailer and forklift impact, yet can be easily removed or relocated to another facility when needed. It’s time to unleash your loading docks.  It’s time for Dockzilla.

Recent Projects

Dock House Exterior Leveler Retrofit Drives Sustainability & Savings

A European global logistics leader sought Dockzilla’s expertise, as they expand in the U.S., to convert a leased warehouse into an energy efficient first-mile loading hub.

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Dockzilla Engineers Ultra-Efficient Drive Ramp

Under an extremely tight deadline, Dockzilla designed and installed a modular platform with a multi-lane drive ramp at the customer’s warehouse, accommodating 20 last-mile vehicles at once.

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Dockzilla Maintains Shipping & Receiving With Temporary Warehouse

In order to maintain 24/7 shipping & receiving during a multi-year construction project, a hospital partnered with Dockzilla to deliver a fully loaded  temporary warehouse on an asphalt lot with an irregular grade.

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Temporary Dockzilla Cross Dock Fills Mid-Mile Supply Chain Gap

With holiday demand right around the corner, Dockzilla custom designed and installed a fully functional mid-mile cross dock with 16 loading dock positions on a vacant asphalt lot.

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