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Loading Dock Platform

Dockzilla’s Loading Dock Platforms are self-supported loading dock structures that stand up distribution capabilities wherever needed. Elevated at dock height, these modular platforms give customers expanded deck space and more dock positions than our single-leveler portable loading docks. This elevated workspace allows forklifts to quickly offload trailers, and then sort and stage shipments for quick turn-around into outbound trailers.



Elevated Loading Platforms Fuel Quick-Turnaround Distribution

Dockzilla’s Loading Dock Platforms stand up anywhere needed to increase distribution velocity. These modular structures integrate self-standing dock levelers and elevated “dock height” workspace so forklifts can quickly offload incoming trailers, and stage freight for immediate transfer to outbound trailers, without making multiple trips back and forth into a warehouse.

Our modular loading dock platforms are engineered per customer specs for square footage, any number of dock positions and ramp access, and they can be installed inside or outside facilities. They feature adjustable baseplates to accommodate anomalies with property grade and they’re anchored to resist trailer impact forces when trailers back in. Dockzilla assembles these prefabricated units onsite, so there’s no waiting for construction crews. To add square footage to an existing building, try Dockzilla’s Building Expansion Loading Dock Platform.

Temporary or Permanent Distribution Solution

  • Creates distribution efficiencies with “elevated workspace”
  • Easily sort shipments & re-load into outbound trailers
  • Square footage & dock positions configured to customer needs
  • Equipment rental option available
  • Project management & installation services included

Stage, Sort & Reload Freight


Complete Distribution

Modular distribution set up anywhere needed, complete with self-supported loading dock levelers, expanded deck space, and a forklift ramp.  This configuration can be relocated as business needs evolve.


Impact Resistant

Features a patented, impact-resistance design, which means that this self-supported, elevated loading dock absorbs trailer impact during daily loading operations without sliding out of place. 


Freestanding Distribution

Serves as a freestanding distribution center in remote locations with self-standing loading dock levelers and an expanded loading deck for sorting goods before storage or loading into outbound trailers.


Minimal Site Prep

Architecturally-designed steel structures that can be pre-engineered for positioning on properties with uneven grading without the need for a concrete pad or prep work.  


Unlimited Dock Positions

Can be configured with an unlimited number of self-supported dock levelers for numerous dock positions to expand a facility or stand alone for loading/offloading trailers with forklifts.


Interior Loading Operations

Can be easily positioned on the interior when shipping or logistics operations require the ability to load trailers from inside a grade-level facility.



Our loading dock platforms are designed per IBC/OSHA standards and equipped with safeguards for personnel and forklifts.



These freestanding structures are built from high strength steel and anchored in place to resist trailer impact force, which means it stays put despite the rigors of everyday use.


Fast & Easy

These loading dock platforms arrive onsite within weeks and they’re pre-engineered and prefabricated for quick onsite assembly by Dockzilla’s installation crew.



Modular loading dock platforms can be configured with any number of dock positions depending on the need. They’re also able to be reconfigured–such as made larger when volume grows–and the sections can be relocated for use elsewhere.

“Dockzilla’s Portable Loading Dock with a powered pit style leveler is the ‘gold standard of loading docks.’ We upgraded from an outdated yard ramp to this architecturally-designed structure that’s built per OSHA and IBC requirements, so it better aligns with our company’s expectations for employee safety. The simplicity of Dockzilla’s integral push button dock leveler also makes it easy to use, which translates to less training needed for our team and less wear and tear on our fragile products during loading.”

– Mike Ryan, Maintenance Manager, Korbel



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