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Rail Dock Safety Barrier

Dockzilla’s Rail Dock Safety Barriers provide robust personnel and forklift fall protection at rail sidings, loading docks, and around equipment. These heavy duty Dockshield® barriers are easily removed by forklifts when boxcars arrive for loading, and then set back into place to guard rail dock drop-offs.



Mitigate Employee & Forklift Vulnerabilities Near Rail Dock Drop-Offs

Our Rail Dock Safety Barriers are a force to be reckoned with when guarding the 4 ft. drop off at rail docks.  Designed to exceed OSHA fall protection standards, these barriers feature guard railings set at 42”, 27” and 12” high.   

These patented structures are able to hold steadfast when struck by a lift truck because they’re braced to the floor by an embedded floor sleeve that transfers impact load forces to the concrete. To improve operator safety, these barriers include integral fork pockets for forklifts can easily lift, remove, and replace the 10 ft. barrier sections. This keeps truck lift operators in their seats and uninvolved with manual hazards.  

Robust Rail Dock Protection vs. Commodity Products 

  • Provides substantial protection over catalog options 
  • Exceeds personnel guard code with three steel impact barriers  
  • Easily to remove & replace as boxcars arrive and depart  
  • Stackable to keep barrier nearby to immediately replace when boxcars leave 

Intuitive Design for Safety & Productivity

Dockzilla Dockshield Rail Barrier Installed Rail Fall Protection

Safeguard Rail Drop-Offs

This robust safety barrier system protects personnel and forklifts when working near the hazardous 4 ft. drop-offs at railcar loading docks when boxcars are not in position.


Operator Stays Put

Integral fork pockets make these barrier sections easy for forklifts to lift and remove when railcars arrive, so the operator remains safely on the vehicle when opening up space for loading operations 


Triple Protection

This heavy duty barrier system exceed personnel guard code with three steel impact barriers positioned at 12”, 27”, and 42” high to safeguard employees and forklifts near railcar docks. 



Saves Floor Space

These barriers can be installed only 16” from the dock edge, preserving critical floor space within the aisle to allow room for personnel and forklifts to maneuver. 

Dockzilla Dockshield Rail Barrier Stacked

Stackable Sections

Forklifts can stack these 10 ft. safety barrier sections onto each other, so they’re close to the rail docks and can be immediately placed back into position when boxcars depart. 


Designed for Impact

Our rail dock barriers are placed into an embedded floor sleeve that transfers load impact forces to the concrete and holds the barrier steadfast when struck by a forklift. 



This robust barrier system exceeds OSHA fall protection code with guardrails placed at three heights – 42″, 27″ and 12″.  Intuitive design keeps forklift operators on the vehicle at all times to mitigate the hazards involved with manual engagement.



Built from high strength steel, the barrier sections hold steadfast when struck by a forklift.  They’re supported by an embedded floor sleeve that transfers impact load forces to the concrete.


Fast & Easy

These prefabricated barriers arrive and install quickly, and they’re designed to help expedite loading operations because they’re easy for forklifts to engage, remove, and stack on nearby sections.



Only Dockshield rail dock safety barriers feature a stackable design, so they can be placed on adjacent sections so forklifts can immediately set them back into place when boxcars depart.

“Dockzilla brings us solutions before we know we have a problem. They bring us so much more than just a product -it’s not even fair putting you on a spreadsheet with the other companies to consider.” 

– Senior Architect, Top U.S. Shipping & Logistics Company



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