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Adjustable Height Loading Dock

Dockzilla’s Adjustable Height Loading Dock is a self-supported steel structure with adjustable front legs to maximize productivity when servicing incoming trailers of varying heights. This forklift loading ramp is easily raised or lowered within a large service range to accommodate most vehicle sizes. This freestanding loading dock is designed to resist trailer impact forces, so it remains in place as trucks back in. Customers leverage this adjustable yard ramp for adding capacity at their facility or for offloading trailers in a remote location. Get the specs here.



Simplified Height Adjustment to Load Trailers of Varying Heights

To maintain productivity when servicing trailers of varied heights, Dockzilla’s Adjustable Height Loading Dock features adjustable front support legs with an impressive 32” to 56” service range to offload most vehicles – from pickup trucks to trailers and intermodal containers.   

Remains Steadfast:  Unlike commodity ramps, these freestanding loading docks feature a patented design to absorb trailer impact forces despite repeated pummeling from trailers backing in, so this loading dock won’t skid or slide out of place.

Complete Loading Dock:  For customers in grade-level buildings without dock high doors, or for those who need to offload trailers away from a facility, these architecturally-designed loading docks arrive complete with an integral dock leveler, IBC/OSHA safety features, and vehicle restraint compatibility. 

No Construction:  These pre-fabricated loading docks ship quickly and are assembled onsite in less than 2 hours without the need for costly excavation or permanent construction. These adjustable loading docks are modular, so they can be relocated to other sites when needed.

Boost Forklift Loading Velocity Where Needed

  • Adjustable front legs raise or lower for varying bed heights
  • Large 32”-56” service range most vehicle heights
  • Patented design absorbs trailer impact forces to remain steadfast
  • Modular loading docks can be repositioned or relocated

Easiest Way to Add a Loading Dock Without Permanent Construction


Engineered for Impact

Patented, impact-resistance design means that this self-supported loading dock absorbs the rigors of daily trailer impact , yet has the flexibility to adjust leg height.


Move & Reuse

Easily relocated making it a reusable, sustainable investment that customers can take with them when business evolves or at the end of a property lease.


Take it Inside

Can easily serve as interior loading docks for customers with grade-level buildings (no dock high doors), or shipping operations on the inside of their facility.


Mitigates Safety Hazards

Designed per OSHA safety requirements with employee handrails/guardrails, extra tall sidecurbs, forklift traction grating, and optional features including vehicle restraints and steps. 


Variable Service Range

Heavy-duty, yet flexible, safety support legs with a large 32” to 56” adjustable service range to accommodate varying trailer bed heights from pick-up trucks to trailers and intermodal containers.


Position it Anywhere

This impactable yard ramp can be positioned anywhere on a property and features an integral dock leveler so customers can load and unload trailers of varying bed heights efficiently.



Forklift loading ramp is engineered so employees can easily and safely adjust leg height. Features also include handrails, extra tall side curbs, traction grating, and a vehicle restraint option.



High-strength steel structure is architecturally-designed for longevity. It requires minimal maintenance and features an industry-leading 5-year structural warranty.


Fast & Easy

Pre-fabricated unit arrives within weeks and hits the ground running with offloading and minimal assembly completed in less than two hours.



Front legs are easily adjusted within a 32” to 56” service range and unit is relocatable so your investment can move with you as needed.

“Ordered a new outdoor dock from Dockzilla for a new operation in Clearwater FL. We found the sales and specification process to be seamless. Supply channels were just loosening up, so our lead-time on our new dock was comparable to others, and we received it within a short window of the promised delivery. We poured the foundation and pad previous to arrival based on the drawings provided, so once the dock arrived we just craned it into place right off the truck. Nice work Dockzilla! Dock is performing as planned and needed.”

– Keith Ford, General Manager, Eagle Fence Distributing



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