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High-Capacity Implement Loading Dock

Dockzilla’s High-Capacity Implement Loading Docks are ultimate-strength steel structures for loading and off-loading extremely heavy freight and equipment up to 85,000 lbs. These pre-fabricated loading docks are self-supported to deploy wherever needed – at manufacturing facilities, equipment dealerships, or remote locations. Get the specs here.



High-Capacity Loading Docks Engineered to Simplify Epic Loading Challenges

For the intimidating chore of loading massive equipment onto flatbed trailers, Dockzilla’s high-capacity implement loading docks are built stronger, wider, & longer to manhandle any project. These freestanding, modular structures provide the total loading dock package for managing extreme loads near facilities or in remote locations.

These heavy duty loading ramps feature adjustable height front legs with a large service range of 34″-56,” an integral loading dock leveler, and many safety features. The adjustable front legs are easily raised or lowered within a 34”-56” service range to safely and efficiently transition between step deck and tall flatbed trailers using a push-button for hydraulic adjustment that can be solar-powered for remote set ups. 

These high-strength loading ramps can be installed in a fixed position with bolt-down base plates, or delivered as a mobile unit with “never-flat” solid wheels.  They’re equipped with handrails/guardrails, wheel chocks, and can include an optional vehicle restraint. Depending on the application, these units can be configured with unique materials, like replaceable wood ramp decking for steel tracked vehicles. 

For remote loading operations without access to a power source, these units can be configured with solar power.  Our High-Capacity Implement Loading Docks are engineered to transition heavy equipment onto flatbed trailers. These modular loading ramps can be relocated to other sites when needed.

Safely & Efficiently Load Heavy Equipment

  • Engineered to accommodate heavy equipment loads up to 85,000 lbs.
  • Configured as fixed position or mobile units with wheels for frequent moving on-property
  • Deploy wherever needed for loading operations, without needing construction
  • Hydraulically-powered operation available for operations away from a facility

Ideal for Loading Agricultural, Military, & Construction Equipment


Manhandle Extreme Loads

Designed to protect employees while transitioning heavy freight or military vehicles, construction equipment, or agricultural implements onto flatbed trailers.

Dockzilla – Implement Ramp

Simple Operation

Engineered to simplify operations with features like push button operation to hydraulically adjust ramp height.

Implement On Trailer 1

No Construction Needed

Quick stand up loading operations, without the time, capital investment, or permanence involved with conventional construction.


Bigger & Stronger

Engineered to accommodate in larger sizing needs: clear width up to 192″; length of 40 ft.; and capacity to tackle loads up to 85,000 lbs.


Return on Investment

Delivers substantial ROI with no-maintenance legs and solid wheels, simple height adjustment to boost productivity, and the ability to relocate when needed.

Dockzilla Heavy Implement Portable Loading Dock_preview


Often available in stock for quick shipping, and built-to-order configurations are available to accommodate specialized loading operations.



Equipped with safety features per OSHA and IBC standards, including handrails, guardrails, and wheel chocks. Vehicle restraints, slip-resistant stairs, and safety signage, are also available.



High strength steel frame is pre-engineered to support loads up to 85,000 lbs. Designed for longevity, these dock ramps feature an industry-leading 5-year structural warranty.


Fast & Easy

Pre-fabricated loading dock that arrives within weeks and stands up quickly to support loading operations.



Depending on the application, these docks can be configured with unique materials, like replaceable wood ramp decking for steel tracked vehicles.

“Our forklift operators love the Dockzilla mobile loading dock and it has worked perfectly! The former ramp was easily pushed around by trucks, and we had to bolt it down. We don’t have that problem with the Dockzilla because it is built more substantially. The system to move the Dockzilla is very easy and it’s difficult to damage.” 

– Sloane Larson, Plant Engineer, Montana Sulphur & Chemical Co.



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