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Make Room At The Dock With Exterior-Mount Dock House with Dock Leveler

Dock House and dock leveler interior building floor

Adding Dockzilla’s modular Dock House and Exterior Loading Dock Leveler outside of a facility saves significant floor space on the inside, and makes for a cleaner, more efficient loading dock so forklifts and pallet jacks can easily maneuver right up to the dock door. Traditional dock plates interfere with internal warehouse operations and take up valuable taxable square footage.


Save 100 Sq Ft Per Dock

Whether you’re retrofitting a building or filling in existing dock leveler pits, you can gain approx. 10’x10′ of usable floor space with Dockzilla’s self-supported dock leveler attached to the exterior vs. traditional pit leveler dock plates. Just 10 dock doors with exterior-mount levelers deliver 1,000 sq. ft. of usable floor space inside. For new warehouse construction, you can substantially reduce the building’s interior footprint and related costs with levelers attached to the outside.


More Viable Site Options

As criteria for sourcing a new site piles up, it can be challenging to find the perfect warehouse space with the ideal number of dock doors. The addition of a Dock House or Exterior Loading Dock Leveler allows you to quickly retrofit existing dock doors or create new dock positions at any facility, which opens up more viable warehouse options for a site selection team.

Dockzilla Exterior Leveler

Use The Space You Pay For

Whether you’re leasing or buying, you are paying for every square foot in your building, right up to the dock door. Unfortunately, the space taken up by internal pit levelers is not able to be used for storage, staging freight, or warehouse forklift traffic. Adding Dockzilla’s exterior-mount dock leveler frees up space that can impact your bottom line – e.g., 100 sq. ft. per dock @ $50/sq. ft. = $5,000 of taxable square footage that you can actually utilize. Plus, modular dock levelers are an asset that you can remove and repurpose as warehousing needs evolve.

Save floor space


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