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Modular Buildings

Dockzilla leverages loading dock expertise and modular construction concepts to help customers tackle first-, middle- and last-mile logistics challenges. We configure and stand-up freestanding distribution structures that are fully-equipped with loading dock equipment to boost cross docking and order fulfillment efficiencies anywhere along the supply chain. Available to rent for temporary or peak season use, these facilities are operational in weeks, without the expense and lead time involved in building construction or real estate site selection.

Modular Building + Loading Dock Equipment for Distribution Anywhere

Dockzilla’s semi-permanent design philosophy brings modular buildings to any available property. Our pop-up facilities have been deployed for fulfillment velocity at big league stadium parking lots, outside regional DCs, and adjacent to U.S. shipping ports. To configure these structures, our engineers consider several factors, including property detail, storage needs, operating cycles, employee amenities, and vehicle/trailer styles – from first mile shipping containers to long hauls and last mile delivery vans. Dockzilla executes a thorough process to meet deadlines and quality expectations:

  • Property Survey & Custom Engineering
  • Life Safety Assessments
  • Onsite Installation Management
  • Service/Maintenance Programs

Cross Dock Distribution Facility

These freestanding loading dock structures are designed for high speed transloading & cross docking. Freight is offloaded from shipping containers, sorted on the elevated workspace, and then transferred into outbound trailers.

Mobile Cross Dock

This mobile cross dock integrates a roller conveyor for simultaneous loading of small packages and parcels into delivery trucks and vans. They create 10 additional dock positions from a single dock door, or they can stand on their own to service vehicles wherever needed.

Distribution Warehouse

Gain the loading docks and the ample interior square footage needed to store and distribute high volume orders. These facilities are ideal for adding a distribution hub in high-demand zip codes for peak season deliveries.

“Dockzilla is one of several large transload focused facilities that Performance Team, a Maersk company, operates. Part of the Southern California heavy weight corridor, these facilities can process hundreds of containers each, per day.”

– Performance Team, a US-based warehousing and distribution company

Ask an Engineer

Dockzilla configures a variety of freestanding facilities to close fulfillment gaps along the supply chain. Let a sales engineer share a few of our recent projects and recommend a modular building for your operation.

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