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Who Is Mr. Leum?

Grant Leum may very well be the most uninteresting person at a party. However, when you’re faced with a time-intensive, costly, or hazardous challenge at the loading dock, the guy with 31 materials handling patents becomes all the rage. When companies need rescuing from the perils of permanent docks or meager yard ramp options, Mr. Leum steps up as a human library of loading and logistics know-how.

On a mission to ensure that no business is left wrestling a faulty loading operation, Mr. Leum is making his debut on the small screen as the star of “Mr. Leum’s Dockyard.” In this video series, he reveals the secrets to modern, modular loading, and explains why installing permanent docks in this day and age is as lame as watching concrete cure.


Mr. Leum’s Dockyard

This video series showcases Dockzilla® founder, Mr. Leum, simplifiying the art of loading and unloading in the dockyard. Fueled by his passion for logistics and shipping, Leum reinacts dockyard scenarios with 1/32nd scale replicas of Dockzilla portable loading docks, dock to ground ramps, & cross dock platforms. He tackles common facility condundrums – from adding a loading dock without needing a building permit, to combatting dock plates that are hemorrhaging heat to the outside. Joined by an eclectic posse of supporting actors – aka “toys” – Mr. Leum simplifies loading docks and man-splains his way into our hearts.