Shannon Lovich, Author at Dockzilla


Dock House Steel Frame Absorbs Impact So Your Building Doesn’t Have To

The steel frame on Dockzilla's Dock House transfers trailer impact forces away from the building, which makes the impact to the building minimal compared to a truck hitting it directly. The exclusive Dock House design allows you to add a dock leveler while protecting the... Read more

Free Yourself (And Your Docks) From the Constraints of Permanent Construction with Dockzilla’s Modular Platform Solutions

Tired of getting dock-blocked? Whether you’re expanding existing dock space, looking to add more loading positions, or need freestanding distribution – Dockzilla can eliminate your loading woes with a customized platform solution. Unleash Your Dock’s Full Potential Sometimes your dock space can hold your business... Read more

Get a Dock Leveler in a Day, No Costly Down Time

Dockzilla’s Dock House is a modular structure that integrates our self-standing Exterior Loading Dock Leveler inside an adjustable steel frame and a dock door enclosure. Unlike conventional pit-style dock levelers, that require weeks of demolition and disruption for installation, our European Load House design attaches to the outside of... Read more

Make Room At The Dock With Exterior-Mount Dock House with Dock Leveler

Adding Dockzilla’s modular Dock House and Exterior Loading Dock Leveler outside of a facility saves significant floor space on the inside, and makes for a cleaner, more efficient loading dock so forklifts and pallet jacks can easily maneuver right up to the dock door. Traditional dock plates interfere... Read more

Dockzilla’s Dock House Tailored For Difficult Angles

When loading docks present challenging angles or space limitations, Dockzilla’s engineers are up for anything. Our team can work with your architect or independently to deploy a custom-configured Dock House leveler or self-standing Exterior Loading Dock Leveler outside your facility. These modular structures make it possible to tackle site... Read more

Exterior-Mount Dock Levelers Fends Off Costly Energy Loss

Internal pit-style dock levelers have been a fixture in U.S. warehouses for decades. However, when it comes to energy efficiency and providing a comfortable work environment, these antiquated dock plates have become a significant liability. By attaching a modular, self-supported dock leveler to the outside... Read more