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Dock House Step-By-Step Installation Process (Jackhammers Need Not Apply)


Have you ever been part of a pit leveler installation before? It’s an unnecessary and obsolete process. And there’s a better way to add a leveler and never have to manage concrete work, downtime, OSHA-regulated silica dust and the unanticipated hurdles.

The Dock House is a turnkey and complete dock system installed on the exterior of the building 1-2 days. In addition to a lightning speed install, the Dock House opens up a world of unbeatable advantages that make it the smarter choice. Save space, save energy, protect your building, save reclamation costs, relocate thanks to the modular concept and more.

1. Install Self-Standing Dock Leveler

We start by bolting the adjustable steel frame, inclusive of the exterior dock leveler, to the ground. Imagine this as the bridge between your building and the truck, eliminating the gap for a smooth, hassle-free loading and unloading experience.

Benefits of the Dock House’s Adjustable Steel Frame:

  • Absorbs truck impact and directs the force into the ground (not your building) safeguarding from major building damage.
  • The steel frame is bolted directly to the ground and conforms to nearly any surface – yes, even on asphalt – for a secure and long-lasting foundation.
  • Premium two-foot permanent bumpers are welded on to withstand years of loading.

Why This Matters

Pit-style levelers installation typically include weak rubber bumpers attached to the exterior of your building to “protect” it from trailer contact. But every facility manager knows those bumpers wear out in months, leaving your building exposed to constant punishment during loading. This results in costly repairs that tally up fast.

Shield your facility from day one with the Dock House. Our powerful combo of a high-strength steel frame plus welded-on bumpers absorbs the impact, diverting it down to the ground and away from your building, saving you money on repairs in the long run.

For ultimate peace of mind, the Dock House is backed by an industry-leading five-year structural warranty.

Dock House and Dock Leveler Bolt Down ()
Dockzilla Dock Leveler

2. Add Dock House Structure

Next up, we fasten our heavy duty, pre-fabricated Dock House structure to the self-standing leveler. Think of it as an extension of your warehouse that simply bolts-on for efficient loading and unloading in a protected environment.

Architecturally designed with safety in mind, it meets OSHA and IBC codes and includes built-in handrails at two heights, 21” and 42”. At this stage of insulation, customers can also choose to add optional lighting and insulation.

But among the biggest perks is flexibility. The modular design allows you to easily repurpose and reuse the Dock House at a different facility, perfect for relocating when your lease is up.

Why This Matters

Unlike pit-style levelers, the Dock House doesn’t require permanent changes to your building and offers the flexibility for relocation, which can translate to significant savings down the line. Coupled with our unmatched safety features, the Dock House is the premium choice for longevity and safety benefits.

IMG edited
Assemble the Housing
dockzilla dock house dock leveler vestibule

3. Add Snow/Wind-Rated Canopy & Dock Shelter

Now that you have a thoughtfully engineered base, it’s time to add some weatherproofing muscle. The Dock House comes equipped with a resilient white vinyl canopy that reflects sunlight and keeps things cool in the summer. It’s flashed to the building to prevent leaks and lets in ambient light for a brighter workspace.

For an extra layer of protection, our standard shelter is installed at the front, creating a tight barrier against rain, snow & wind. And to keep the rain from pooling on top, a rain diverter is mounted. With this combo, your loading dock operations become unstoppable, regardless of the weather.

Why This Matters

Pit-style levelers leave your dock door exposed to harsh weather conditions that wreak havoc on your loading dock operations. Rain, snow, and wind can blow directly into your warehouse, leading to delays, damaged goods, and even injuries. The Dock House creates a controlled and covered environment for efficient operations year-round. Our weatherproofing features ensure your inventory and employees are shielded from the elements.

Rain Diverter Side
Rain Guard

4. Customize with Optional Vehicle Restraint and/or Door

Every loading dock operation is unique, that’s why we offer customization. Our last step is to personalize the Dock House for your application.

Choose from environmentally sealed doors (manual or automatic) to create a temperature-controlled vestibule. In addition to Dock House improving employee comfort, it can save you money on your facility’s energy bills. Some customers see savings of up to $2500 per dock door annually when they install the Dock House.

On top of that, you can also opt for ground-mounted and rotating hook vehicle restraints. These make sure trucks stay securely in place during loading and unloading, preventing accidents, and promoting top notch safety on your dock.

Why This Matters

A sealed door with a vestibule helps maintain a comfortable temperature inside the Dock House, further improving working conditions for employees compared to the open environment of pit-style levelers. It can also save you a ton of money on your energy bills – some customers see savings of up to $2,500 per dock door annually.

Vehicle restraints are also vital in preventing accidents and injuries by ensuring trucks remain stationary during loading and unloading, offering peace of mind for everyone involved.

Insulation from Inside
Vehicle Restraint photo

From Start to Finish in a Flash

Dockzilla’s Dock House installation process is a testament to modern efficiency. Within just one day, you can have a highly durable, safe, weatherproof loading dock ready to catapult your operations to new heights.

Next time you find yourself resorting to the archaic methods of pit-style levelers, think twice and modernize your loading docks with a far superior & modern approach: the Dockzilla Dock House.


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