Free Yourself (And Your Docks) From the Constraints of Permanent Construction with Dockzilla’s Modular Platform Solutions - Dockzilla

Free Yourself (And Your Docks) From the Constraints of Permanent Construction with Dockzilla’s Modular Platform Solutions


Tired of getting dock-blocked? Whether you’re expanding existing dock space, looking to add more loading positions, or need freestanding distribution – Dockzilla can eliminate your loading woes with a customized platform solution.


Unleash Your Dock’s Full Potential

Sometimes your dock space can hold your business back from maximum potential:

  • You want to add more docks to your building.
  • You don’t have a dock height building, but you need loading docks.
  • Your building’s construction project is impacting your docks.
  • You need a building with loading docks, but you have no time to wait for permanent construction or don’t want to sign a long-term lease.

Dockzilla’s modular platforms can turn one dock door into multiple dock positions, add cross-docking capabilities anywhere, or even stand up an entire distribution facility from the ground up – all without brick & mortar construction.

Why Choose Dockzilla’s Modular Platforms

With a Google search of docking solutions a mile long, here’s why Dockzilla’s modular platforms are the right fit for your business:

  • Faster Than Construction: Avoid costly downtime and lengthy construction. Our modular platforms arrive prefabricated, and we offer full-service engineering, project management and installation.
  • Built with High-Strength Steel: Our platforms are built with high-strength steel to withstand the daily demands of any worksite and engineered to provide the structural integrity of concrete.
  • Modular = Versatile: Gain the ability to load and unload trailers anywhere you need them. Plus, our platforms can be reconfigured and relocated to address shifting and evolving logistics needs.
  • Protect Employees: Our platform solutions are architecturally designed per OSHA and IBC safety codes. We include features that protect employees and freight such as fall protection handrails, surfaces that reduce employee hazards, access ramps with built-in forklift protection, and more.

Ready to Find Your Custom Solution?

Our team of skilled engineers are ready to meet with you to understand your unique application and goals, propose a modular solution, and execute quickly.

Examples of Our Modular Platforms in Action

Expand Square Footage

Add loading docks to grade buildings to extend the usable square footage and give forklifts ample space to maneuver.dockzilla-building-expansion-loading-dock-platforms-003

Turn one Dock into More

Dockzilla’s “Power Strip” concept was designed to take one existing dock door and turn it into additional covered dock positions, complete with levelers, doors and handrails.


Remain Open During Construction

Is your facility undergoing a major renovation that will impact your docks? We can build a customized configuration that connects to your building to ensure you won’t have any down time.

Relocate Shipping & Receiving

Set up temporary fully loaded shipping & receiving to maintain business as usual. Asphalt lots and irregular grades are no match for the adjustable base plates on our self-standing platforms. Read more here.Dockzilla UofR

Refrigerated Loading

Replicate cold storage shipping & receiving operations during warehouse construction without the significant investment, lead time, or permanence involved with stick-built construction. We can incorporate refrigeration components – including insulation, compressors, and evaporators – for food distribution needs. Read more here.

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Add Freestanding Distribution & Capacity

Our modular platforms can stand independently, anywhere.

Mitigate Receiving Overflow

If your docks are working around the clock, you may be looking for a separate space to relieve the traffic. Dockzilla can assemble a prefabricated, freestanding platform—equipped with dock levelers—to accommodate overflow and keep your operations intact when permanent docks are busy.

Chep position

Add a Cross Dock to the Parking Lot

Dockzilla combines modular platforms and loading dock equipment to stand up grade-level warehouses or elevated “dock high” structures for cross docking anywhere. These fully customizable structures are engineered to deliver a turnkey solution that includes engineering, project management and installation.

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Not Sure Where To Start?

Stop shopping and talk to a real engineer who understands what goes down at the loading dock.

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