Dockzilla Flexes Modular Muscle with Loading Dock Showcase in Minneapolis

Dockzilla Flexes its Modular Muscle with Loading Dock Showcase in Minneapolis this Summer


Dockzilla, the company modernizing material handling, is putting its modular loading docks and logistics structures on display this summer. To demonstrate how the company can transform a vacant parking lot into a high-speed distribution facility, Dockzilla integrated its loading dock equipment lineup with a modular building for visitors to experience firsthand.

Located 20 minutes from MSP Airport, the Summer Loading Dock Showcase is the chance to test-drive Dockzilla’s modern modular building and loading dock equipment. Visitors will see how Fortune 100 companies—including retail, ecommerce, consumer packaged goods, logistics/freight companies and more—have tapped these solutions to propel peak season last-mile delivery, increase shipping capacity, fill supply chain distribution gaps, and stand up remote transloading hubs. Dockzilla’s engineers work directly with customers to recommend ideal loading dock and logistics configurations.

Explore the Dockzilla Difference

The Showcase, open to visitors by appointment July through September, will feature Dockzilla’s exclusive product lines that are pre-engineered to facilitate:

  • Distribution Anywhere: A snow/wind- load rated Modular Building with insulated hard panel walls. This facility can house ground-level offloading and storage or dock height loading with elevated loading dock platforms for forklifts, handcarts, or pallet jacks.
  • No Construction Dock Levelers: A modern alternative to traditional pit levelers, Dockzilla’s Exterior Leveler attach to the outside of a facility. This self-standing leveler creates an extension of your building while eliminating the need to pour concrete. The Dock House-style exterior dock leveler adds housing to shelter employees and freight, and has substantial thermal benefits.
  • Quickly Add Last Mile: The modular, prefabricated Mobile Cross Dock allows for 10 or more last-mile delivery vehicles to load simultaneously. It can connect to a single dock door or stand-up remotely anywhere on a property to provide immediate capacity and expedite shipments.
  • Ramp Retrofit: Two-piece loading dock Drive-In Ramps retrofit elevated dock doors so vehicles can drive directly into a building for fulfillment operations.
  • 53’ Trailer + Last Mile at Same Door: Hydraulic-operated Universal Height Ramps retrofit dock doors to raise short vehicles to dock height. This allows servicing of 53’ trailers and last mile vehicles at the same door.
  • Flexible Loading: Premium forklift loading Portable & Mobile Loading Dock ramps add fixed position or mobile loading capacity anywhere onsite. Fully loaded with patented features, as well as a solar power option.

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Experience Why Fortune 100 Companies Choose Dockzilla

Have a logistics or loading conundrum or just want to see what can be done with an innovative outlook and engineering expertise about what goes down at the docks? Dockzilla invites you to visit the Minneapolis showcase this summer to see the modular equipment in action and geek out with one of our engineers.

To book your tour, visit our Showcase landing page or call us at 1.800.637.3036.