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DZ Series

Mobile Yard Ramp

The Dockzilla Mobile Yard Ramp is the only forklift ramp at the entry-level price point that is built to avoid collapse. Unlike commodity ramps that are supported only by a trailer bed or building floor, this forklift loading ramp features a hydraulic leg system to 1) lock the unit into place should a trailer depart unexpectedly, and 2) brace the unit should a forklift inadvertently clip the ramp from inside the building.


This intelligent mobile yard ramp design also protects employees from the hazards that can occur with manual wheel placement.  When raised by a forklift – from the front or back – the yard ramp automatically suctions hydraulic fluid into front-mounted lifting cylinders, essentially creating solid “hydraulic legs” that remain secure until a forklift disengages the unit.

Yellow Break

Exclusive hydraulic legs prevent against collapse.

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Request More Info

Mobile Yard Ramp In Action



Overall Length:

  • 38ft. (8′ Level Off Loading Deck + 30′ Ramp)


Useable Clear Width:

  • 96″ – Standard
  • 78” – Option
  • 108″ – Option
  • 120”, 138”, 144” and above – Custom



  • 15,000 lbs.
  • 30,000 lbs.


Dock Leveler:

  • Mechanical EOD* (2′ L x 72″ W) – Standard
  • Hydraulic Leveler* (4′ L x 83″ W) – Option
  • Hydraulic Leveler* (8′ L x 83″ W) – Custom
  • Mechanical Leveler (8′ L x 83″ W) – Custom


Personnel Equipment:

  • Per DZ Loading Standard* (Includes 13” Tall Side Curbs, Handrails Above 30″ Elevation)
  • Ships Ladder – Standard*
  • Stairs – Option
  • Full-length Handrails – Option
  • Safety Signs – Option


Product Add-Ons:  

  • Shelters*
  • Wood Deck*
  • Control Mast – Grounded Mount*


*Exclusive to Dockzilla modular loading docks