Versatile: Modern Loading Systems from Dockzilla


Our innovative modular loading docks and platforms provide the ultimate flexibility for adding dock capacity despite the most challenging space limitations and environmental restrictions. Our engineers will work with you to find the right configuration and integrated dock leveler selection that not only addresses immediate needs, but can also be relocated or even reconfigured as those needs shift and change.


Easy Maneuvering

When flexibility is critical, Dockzilla mobile loading docks can be quickly repositioned and engaged to load or unload trailers anywhere. Set up temporary loading operations in unused space, or move dock positions to accommodate your existing building layout.

  • Easily moved by forklift.
  • Return for storage when not in use.
  • Ideal for properties with environmental restrictions or limited space.
Adjustable Loading Dock

Adjustable Height

Accommodate any transport vehicle’s deck height with ease, from OTR trailers to refrigerated transport (reefer trailers) and intermodal containers. The flexibility of adjustable height loading docks empowers your team to optimize your setup and quickly service vehicles of varying heights to get the most out of your space.

  • Adjustable heavy-duty safety support legs.
  • Powered, push-button hydraulic adjustment – solar-powered option available for remote installations.

Interior Configurations

For operations with limited exterior space, climate concerns, or unique loading applications, our modular loading docks and platforms can be integrated on the inside of your facility. All without costly and disruptive construction.

  • Create shipping capacity inside facilities.
  • Optimize production and logistics when you don’t have a loading dock.
  • Protect loads and delicate shipments.
  • Eliminate construction disruptions such as dust, noise, added equipment, and more.
Dockzilla Ramp Delivery

Relocatable and Removable

Our heavy-duty steel loading docks mimic the performance of concrete cast-in-place loading docks with the flexibility of relocation. Add capacity to leased facilities without construction, reposition loading dock ramps at your existing facility, or take them with you when you expand to a new one.

  • Requires no excavation.
  • Self-standing steel structures, designed to absorb trailer impact.
  • Bolt down base plates for fixed-position use.

Evolve with Your Needs

With Dockzilla’s modular designs, you can easily add loading docks at any facility to accommodate shifts in operations, or reconfigure your set up to tackle increased supply chain demand. When issues arise that impede your ability to load or expedite shipments, our engineers can customize a solution adapted to your needs.

  • Countless modular dock configurations and sizing.
  • Loading platforms with unlimited dock positions.
  • Custom engineering design services included.


Dockzilla Alpha Series Landing Portable Loading Dock

Portable Loading Dock
The Portable Loading Dock is the cornerstone of the Dockzilla lineup. This heavy-steel loading dock features a patented trailer impact-resistant design to deliver the integrity of concrete in a flexible forklift loading ramp.

Dockzilla Alpha Series Landing Mobile Loading Docks

Mobile Loading Dock
When flexibility is key, the Mobile Loading Dock easily moves and engages to load trailers anywhere. This heavy-steel loading dock is easily moved by a forklift to accommodate space or environmental restrictions.

Building Expansion Loading Dock Platform
Dockzilla self-standing loading dock platforms make it possible to expand loading and shipping capabilities at any facility without any construction delays or permanent change to the building.

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Dockzilla loading docks, ramps, and platforms can transform any property to improve operational efficiency. Get in touch with our expert engineers to learn how to quickly add flexible loading capacity, without compromising safety and durability.

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