Durable: Modern Loading Systems from Dockzilla


Dockzilla loading dock ramps and platforms are designed and constructed with AISC steel building codes to endure the rigors of daily forklift loading and exterior use. They feature a patented impact-resistant design, so they can absorb trailer impact forces and won’t move out of position during use. Built for longevity, these structures are backed by a 5-year structural warranty.


Structural Stability

Designed by architectural engineers and built with high-strength steel, our loading dock ramps and platforms are fabricated with wide-flange beams to evenly distribute weight. This enables us to provide loading dock solutions that can support up to 85,000 lbs. for loading implements, construction equipment, and military vehicles.

Humvee DZ photo Impactable Dock
Adjustable Loading Dock

Heavy-Duty Safety Legs

Fixed or adjustable front safety legs and heavy-duty supports ensure that these ramps are free-standing and can support loads on their own, without relying on the trailer bed like yard ramps. Front safety legs are critical to hold loading docks and ramps in place, and to avoid collapsing if a trailer unexpectedly pulls away.

  • Self-supported structures with front safety legs.
  • Eliminates risk of collapse when a trailer unexpectedly pulls away.
  • Provides added stability to absorb trailer impact forces and remain in place.

Solid Never-Flat Wheels

Our mobile loading docks and ramps feature solid, high-capacity 20” wheels to ensure you’ll never experience a hazardous flat tire. Plus, our patented automatic wheel placement makes it easy to position the unit by using the power of a forklift.

Engineered for Impact Resistance

Our patented impact-resistant design keeps Dockzilla loading dock ramps safe and sturdy during operation. This feature is essential, because when a trailer backs in and makes contact with a portable dock, the trailer impact forces can cause the dock to slide out of position. Dockzilla’s loading docks remain steadfast during impact, as if they’re made of concrete.

5-Year Warranty

Dockzilla loading dock solutions are created using a semi-permanent design philosophy. While they have the flexibility to be relocated, they’re also built for longevity. These structures are backed by a 5-year structural warranty, and have an anticipated 20+ year service life with proper maintenance.



Dockzilla Alpha Series Landing Portable Loading Dock

Portable Loading Dock
The Portable Loading Dock is the cornerstone of the Dockzilla lineup. This heavy-steel loading dock features a patented trailer impact-resistant design to deliver the integrity of concrete in a flexible forklift loading ramp.

Dockzilla Alpha Series Landing Mobile Loading Docks

Mobile Loading Dock
When flexibility is key, the Mobile Loading Dock easily moves and engages to load trailers anywhere. This heavy-steel loading dock is easily moved by a forklift to accommodate space or environmental restrictions.

Building Expansion Loading Dock Platform
Dockzilla self-standing loading dock platforms make it possible to expand loading and shipping capabilities at any facility without any construction delays or permanent change to the building.

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