Safety: Modern Loading Systems from Dockzilla


Engineering to eliminate common loading challenges is the foundation of Dockzilla, and safety standards are at the heart of every Dockzilla product. With years of experience applying OSHA standards and International Building Codes to conventional loading dock designs, we created a line of modern loading dock solutions that incorporate these architectural standards into high strength steel loading dock equipment.

Safety Comes Standard

OSHA and IBC Compliance

Pre-fabricated to meet rigid safety protocol, with code-compliant features included as our standard vs. optional:

  • Pedestrian Guardrails IBC Code 1013.2
  • Handrails OSHA Code 1910.23 (c)(1 &2)
  • Wheel Chocks OSHA 1910.178(k)
  • Trailer Restraint Capability OSHA 1910.178(k)
OSHA/IBC-Compliance Safety Features Built-In
Dockzilla Adjustable Height Loading Dock

Heavy-Duty Safety Legs

The self-supported design enables these versatile docks to mimic the performance and integrity of a permanent concrete dock, in a unit that can relocate.

  • Self-supported structures with safety legs.
  • Eliminates risk of collapse when a trailer unexpectedly pulls away.
  • Provides added stability to absorb impact forces from trailers or forklifts.

Industry’s Tallest Side Curbs

At 13” high, our side curbs are more than 6” taller than basic ramps to safely guide forklifts up and down ramps. They’re built taller than the 12″ diameter of typical forklift tires to safeguard against tipping or rolling over the edge. Plus, the solid, non-snag design ensures that forks and loads won’t catch on openings during loading and unloading.

  • Tallest 13” curb height reduces potential rollovers.
  • Higher than the 12” diameter of forklift tires.
  • Solid, no-snag curb design.
Dockzilla 13″ Tall Curbs
Dockzilla Cheesegrater

Open Bar Grating Leveler & Ramp

Improves forklift tire traction despite the elements such as rain, snow, and ice.

  • Precipitation falls through to eliminate snow and ice accumulation.
  • Serrated grates deliver increased traction.
  • Exclusive ramp grating removal design for when replacement is needed.

Secure Mobility Solution

A single employee can safely reposition and engage our mobile loading dock with 2 patented features. Our unique automatic kingpin attachment enables a forklift to engage the dock with both forks to relocate. Our automatic wheel placement feature eliminates the need for manual cranking by employees to position the ramp.

  • Easy kingpin attachment using both forks.
  • Patented automatic wheel placement – no manual cranking to set the position.
Dockzilla Loading Dock Ramp Fork Lift Moving 01
Portable Loading Dock

Automatic Dock Leveler Operation

With powered, push-button hydraulic dock leveler operation, Dockzilla eliminates the hazards of manual operation while improving speed and efficiency.

  • Fast dock leveler operation.
  • Simple push button operation.
  • Available as a solar-powered option for remote installations.

Solid Never-Flat Wheels

Our mobile docks and ramps all feature solid, high-capacity 20” wheels to ensure you’ll never experience a hazardous flat tire. Plus, our patented automatic wheel placement makes it easy to position the unit by using the power of a forklift.


Dockzilla Alpha Series Landing Portable Loading Dock

Portable Loading Dock
The Portable Loading Dock is the cornerstone of the Dockzilla lineup. This heavy-steel loading dock features a patented trailer impact-resistant design to deliver the integrity of concrete in a flexible forklift loading ramp.

Dockzilla Alpha Series Landing Mobile Loading Docks

Mobile Loading Dock
When flexibility is key, the Mobile Loading Dock easily moves and engages to load trailers anywhere. This heavy-steel loading dock is easily moved by a forklift to accommodate space or environmental restrictions.

Building Expansion Loading Dock Platform
Dockzilla self-standing building expansion platforms make it possible to expand loading and shipping capabilities at any facility without any construction delays or permanent change to the building.

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