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When Loading Ramps Qualify as Olympic Ski Jumps

Although ski jumpers relish slippery ramps on their way to glory at the Winter Games (shout out to our talented Norwegian brothers and sisters), there are no style points rewarded when forklift operators or implement drivers lose control of their equipment on a slick ramp.

To keep forklifts and implements from sliding backwards down icy loading dock ramps, Dockzilla’s portable, mobile, and dock to ground loading ramps feature open serrated bar grating. This heavy duty serrated steel material provides added tire traction and enables snow and debris to fall through the openings. Commodity or catalog yard ramps with solid plate decking experience dangerous slipping due to snow accumulation that requires shoveling and sweeping or “black ice” which needs a heavy dose of salt and sand.

Dockzilla engineers have other creative solutions for adding traction and long-term savings to portable loading dock ramps. To combat slippage and other loading concerns for equipment with alternative modes of movement beyond wheels – such as asphalt rollers, or bulldozer tracks – Dockzilla has designed loading dock ramp configurations specifically for loading of high-capacity military vehicles, construction and agricultural equipment. We’ve engineered atypical designs featuring reusable wooden planks as ramp decking due to costly steel ramp destruction by these massive implements.

In addition to recommending unique ramp materials, we’ve calculated solutions to help customers extend the length of their ramps to reduce the grade and keep equipment from sliding.

Team Dockzilla reviews each customer application to ensure the grade of each ramp is acceptable for whatever’s being loaded and to deliver designs worthy of a gold medal.

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