Dock Safety - Dockzilla

To help companies avoid costly pitfalls, Dockzilla modular loading equipment is engineered to help eliminate common loading dock hazards and arrive packed with critical safety features to remove these concerns from the equation.


  • Intuitively anticipate unexpected trailer departure
  • Engage forklifts to handle tasks like manual pumping that can put employees at greater risk
  • Create more robust ramps to safely guide forklifts as they traverse up and down
  • Safeguard against employee and forklift falls around equipment and railcar docks

What To Look For

  • Handrails: In addition to helping forklifts navigate up loading ramps, handrails at 30” of elevation (per OSHA) help ensure against falls when employees walk on the ramp
  • Front Legs: Forklift ramps without front legs are relying on the unsecured lip of the ramp to hold in place if a trailer unexpectedly departs or if the forklift is compromised
  • Safety Curbs: Tallest forklift ramp side curbs are 13” vs. skimpy 6” side curbs that lack adequate protection for forklifts navigating heavy loads
  • Employee Interaction: Limit tasks that require intense employee involvement, such as “manual pumping” to engage a mobile yard ramp unit
  • Design Details: Check out design quality for forklift and employee safety such as double tine forklift lifting, recessed side curbs, bolting modular docks for limited movement, “pinch points”, safeguarding rail docks, grated traction on ramps, etc.
  • Warranty: Companies that believe in their products will be confident in offering a 3-5 year warranty – anything less should raise questions about safety and longevity