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Extra Wide Loading Dock

The Dockzilla Extra Wide Loading Dock provides a 9 ft. of clear width loading deck that sets up outside the trailer doors to accommodate oversized loads and trucks that arrive off-center. Engineered a full 12” wider than traditional mobile yard ramps, this expansive loading ramp tackles space limitations and side curb interference that keep forklifts from filling trailers. This DZ unit also features a 15 ft. long loading deck to help forklifts maneuver vast loads and achieve 100% “trailer cubing” — translating to fewer loads and reduced transportation costs over time.

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Widest loading deck available at 108” manhandles oversized loads and ensures full trailers.

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Extra Wide Loading Dock In Action



The DZ Extra Wide Loading Dock is built standard with 108” of clear loading width for challenging loads, like residential storage pods, automotive racking, and lumber.   


Safety Code Compliant: 

  • Pedestrian guardrails above 30” of elevation per IBC Code 1013.2*
  • Handrails required at 48” of elevation per OSHA Code 1910.23 (c)(1 &2)*
  • Wheel chocks to protect against trailer departure per OSHA 1910.178(k)
  • Trailer restraint option per OSHA 1910.178(k)


Structural Integrity: 

  • High-strength steel frame
  • Adjustable front safety legs (36” to 56” service range)
  • No maintenance legs (vs. every 3 mos.)


Designed for Impact:

  • Self-standing
  • Bolt-down base plates
  • Premium laminated dock bumpers*
  • Steel-faced bumpers


Mobile Loading: 

  • Solid 20” high capacity tires*
  • Never-flat exclusive tire design*
  • Automatic wheel placement*
  • Dual forklift bracket (vs. 1 fork only)


Ramp Design:

  • Tallest 13” side curbs*
  • Solid non-snag side curbs
  • Serrated open bar traction grating
  • Replaceable bar grating


* Exclusive to Dockzilla modular loading products


Overall Length:

  • 40ft. (15′ Level Off Loading Deck + 25′ Ramp)


Clear Width (measures unobstructed, useable space):

  • 108″ – Standard
  • 120” – Custom



  • 20,000 lbs.


Dock Leveler:

  • Mechanical EOD (2′ L x 72″ W)


Personnel Equipment:

  • Handrails On Loading Platform – Standard*
  • Ships Ladder – Option*
  • Full Length Handrails – Option
  • Safety Signs – Option


Product Add-On:  

  • Trailer Restraint
  • Shelters
  • Solar Powered Leg Adjustment
  • Wood Deck
  • Control Mast – Ground Mount
  • Automatic Wheel Placement*
  • Kingpin Automatic Forklift*
  • Solid 20” Wheels*


*Exclusive to Dockzilla modular loading docks

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