Leum Engineering, Inc. Goes All-In As Dockzilla Co. - Dockzilla

Leum Engineering, Inc. Goes All-In As Dockzilla Co.

Like so many industrial buildings we encounter these days, our former branding had become outdated and functionally-obsolete.  Just because we manufacture heavy-steel loading docks doesn’t mean our vibe had to be grey as concrete.  

To better reflect our modern, modular approach to building better loading docks, we scrapped our Leum Engineering moniker, refreshed our brand identity, reorganized our website, and made it easier for those who load for a living to get themselves a Dockzilla.  And, we’ve gone all-in on our flagship product line of portable loading docks, ramps, and platforms, officially re-naming our business:  Dockzilla Co.  

Frequent flyers on this website are in for a real treat.  Our Home Page now offers selections based on varying loading dock needs – from improving loading safety to not having a loading dock at all.  An Applications section offers additional information on common loading dock topics, such as mobile loading docks and ramps, information for architects who specify loading docks, and advice on extremely heavy or extra wide loads.  

Dockzilla loading dock product configurations are now sorted into 4 series to make it easier to determine what kind of design will work best:  

  • Alpha Series:  exclusive, patented loading docks that make high volume or extreme loading look easy
  • Riveted Series:  detachable, modular loading docks that bolt to a facility’s exterior
  • Workhorse Series:  hard-working value loading docks for standard loading needs
  • Specialty Series:  designs specific to railcar or trailer loading, safety barriers, and personnel equipment

So what happened to Leum Engineering?  Architectural Engineer and Dockzilla Founder, Grant Leum, continues to lead the talented team of engineers at Dockzilla Co.  Read more about him or Dockzilla Co. here.  

We hope you enjoy our vibrant new branding and outlook.  Please continue to visit!