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Introducing Loading U: Loading Docks and Materials Handling 101


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Welcome to Dockzilla’s Loading U, your one stop shop for loading docks and materials handling 101. This institute for higher learning includes insider information from our engineers and insights into improving daily loading operations. As manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution continue to evolve, traditional concrete loading docks are becoming obsolete, so we created this modern loading resource to help you learn more about the exclusive features and inventive design of Dockzilla heavy-steel portable loading docks and forklift ramps.


Get your undergrad degree in portable loading dock design or a PhD in the thermal properties of dock houses, or just enjoy a few heavy machinery videos. Take a look around, study up, and let us know if you’d like more details.


Check out these topics:

Portable Loading Docks 101

GLOSSARY OF LOADING TERMS   –   Definitions for all terms related to steel loading docks, materials handling, and forklift loading.

PORTABLE LOADING EQUIPMENT: FAQS   –   Some of the most common questions we receive about loading dock design, employee safety, and deploying heavy-steel loading docks and ramps for a variety of loading applications.

PORTABLE & MOBILE LOADING DOCKS   –  Learn about the only architecturally-sound heavy-steel loading docks available, product history, exclusive design, and how to deploy Dockzilla’s portable and mobile loading docks.


Loading Dock Design & Ingenuity

BEFORE YOU POUR: HOW TO AVOID COMMON LOADING DOCK CONSTRUCTION MISTAKES   –  Before you get caught up in the confines of concrete loading dock construction, check out these pointers to avoid delays, expense, accidents, and product damage before concrete seals the deal.

THERE’S NO MATERIALS HANDLING WITHOUT PEOPLE WHO HANDLE THE MATERIALS   –  A few of our engineers’ favorite innovations that go the extra mile for forklift operator ergonomics and safety.


Modular Loading Docks 101

INTRODUCING THE MODULAR LOADING DOCK HOUSE: A DOCKZILLA U.S. EXCLUSIVE   –  Grant Leum, the founder of Dockzilla Portable & Modular Loading Docks recently addressed a group of manufacturers and materials handling professionals via webinar about the Dock House, a modular loading dock which is exclusively available in the U.S. at Dockzilla Co.


Railcar Loading

UNLOADING BOXCARS: FAQS   –  Some of the most common questions we receive about unloading boxcars and safeguarding employees at rail car loading docks.