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Portable & Mobile Loading Docks

What is a Portable Loading Dock?

A modern approach to shipping and logistics challenges, Portable Loading Docks are the only architecturally-sound forklift loading ramps that can relocate as business evolves. To earn the moniker Portable Loading Dock, this heavy-steel self-standing structure must deliver the performance of a conventional loading dock + the safety features required by OSHA and IBC. A Portable Loading Dock should also demonstrate the integrity of concrete, with the ability to easily relocate when needed.

Dockzilla Portable Dock RelocatedThe term “Portable Loading Dock” was created in 2011 when Dockzilla Co. launched the first heavy-steel loading dock with a patented trailer impact-resistant design. This modular loading dock also easily integrates behind existing dock doors to create shipping capacity inside facilities due to limited exterior space, climate concerns, or unique loading applications.

Showcasing massive front safety legs, this stationary yard ramp performs the duties of a permanent dock when added to any manufacturing site, leased facility, or parking lot. Only Dockzilla arrives ready for duty, pre-fabricated with the safety code compliance of conventional docks:

–  Pedestrian guardrails above 30” of elevation per IBC Code 1013.2*

–  Handrails required at 48” of elevation per OSHA Code 1910.23 (c)(1 &2)*

–  Wheel chocks to protect against trailer departure per OSHA 1910.178(k)





What is a Mobile Loading Dock?

A Mobile Loading Dock is not a Mobile Yard Ramp. When loading applications require flexibility at the loading dock, commodity mobile yard ramps do their best to pinch hit; however, the Mobile Loading Dock hits the grand slam. This highly patented configuration, exclusive to Dockzilla, fuses the mobility of a yard ramp with the strength of a portable loading dock to help companies tackle high-capacity loading within the confines of limited property size or environmental restrictions.

Built on the chassis of a Dockzilla Portable Loading Dock, this architecturally-sound mobile forklift loading ramp is designed for easy maneuvering to load anywhere on a property. This intuitive design features the addition of never-flat 20” solid wheels crafted by Dockzilla engineers.


Due to ramp positioning and engagement at the trailer, there can be added hazards involved with mobility. The Mobile Loading Dock is the only mobile loading ramp built to help employees avoid and eliminate common safety hazards encountered when loading remotely.

The Mobile Loading Dock is designed and patented to automate critical areas of mobile loading dock operation: a) easy kingpin attachment to both forklift tines (vs. one) with no direct interaction with the forklift operator, and b) wheels fall into place when a forklift simply lifts the ramp, to do away with intensive manual pumping.