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The Dock Leveler Game Has Changed: Pit-Style vs. Exterior Dock Levelers

Good news, there's a refreshing departure from the old-school dock leveler pit-digging scene. Logistics leaders are leaving pit-style levelers behind and switching to exterior-mount dock levelers that are installed on the outside of your dock door. Here are a few considerations when deciding between pit-style... Read more

Dock Leveler Installation: Jackhammers Need Not Apply

Your dock leveler set-up can be a make or break for your loading operation. So it's a good thing there's a refreshing departure from the traditional pit leveler when it comes to adding and installing dock levelers. Break Down Your Dock Leveler Needs There's a... Read more

DZ Toasts Its Abnormal Passion for Loading Docks

When Dockzilla introduced its Portable Loading Dock in 2011, the modern, modular concept was met with mixed reviews. The idea of deploying a self-supported steel loading dock in place of traditional construction to add shipping capacity at a facility, seemed too radical at the time.... Read more