Dockzilla Toasts Its Abnormal Passion for Loading Docks

DZ Toasts Its Abnormal Passion for Loading Docks

When Dockzilla introduced its Portable Loading Dock in 2011, the modern, modular concept was met with mixed reviews. The idea of deploying a self-supported steel loading dock in place of traditional construction to add shipping capacity at a facility, seemed too radical at the time.

Fast forward to 2022, where Ecommerce order fulfillment has skyrocketed, ideal warehouse space is scarce, and every second counts along the supply chain. Today, versatility and modularity is everything, and the Portable Loading Dock introduced a decade earlier is Dockzilla’s top-selling SKU.

Despite the market’s initial reluctance to embrace this innovation, Dockzilla’s Portable Loading Dock forged a new category in material handling and served as the cornerstone for what the company has become. Unlike commodity loading ramps, these docks are designed per OSHA and IBC codes, with integral dock levelers, and a patented trailer impact-resistance capability.

Dockzilla’s Portable Loading Dock features an integral Cheesegrater® dock leveler, with hydraulic operation and bar grating for added forklift traction.

Celebrating 20 years of delivering modern, modular loading and logistics solutions, Dockzilla’s secret sauce has been understanding what the marketplace and customers need before they know they need it.  It’s this kind of approach that has allowed the company to transcend traditional material handling offerings to help customers in logistics and supply chain, distribution and fulfillment, and manufacturing safely move shipments faster and more efficiently.

“Dockzilla approaches projects from an engineering and architectural design perspective. They’re able to envision what their customers are trying to accomplish and configure the right solution, even though it may be out-of-the box,” says Bill Peratt CEO, Total Terminals International, LLC. “Their ability to stand up modular loading systems in a matter of months is invaluable given the pace and pressures of today’s logistics marketplace.”

To address significant gaps in first- and middle- mile distribution and last mile fulfillment operations, Dockzilla has expanded its modular configurations to include elevated transloading platforms, mobile conveyor loading docks, and modular distribution warehouses. These solutions give customers the ability to stand up semi-permanent facilities when and where a site is available, remove and relocate as needed, and usurp the time investment and expense of permanent construction.

Dockzilla MX in picturesque rural Canada

Dockzilla and it’s modern, modular product line is the brainchild of structural engineer Grant Leum, who founded the company in 2002. Leum’s first exclusive product was a patented “Z-Deck” hydraulic lift ramp that could be positioned at a loading dock door to raise low trailers up to dock height for safer, more efficient loading/unloading.

This innovation was initially embraced by the automotive industry, and in 2019 an iteration of the design was introduced to support the burgeoning last mile delivery market. Dockzilla’s Universal Height Ramps are now positioned at loading docks across the U.S. and Canada, expediting last mile deliveries of packages, parcels, and groceries by raising delivery vehicles and vans to loading docks built for standard trailers.

Dockzilla’s Universal Height Ramp can retrofit any loading dock door to lift short delivery vans to dock height at the touch of a button.

“We have an abnormal passion for loading dock operations, moving shipments, and order fulfillment that translates to ingenuity,” says Carrie Leum, who has served as the Dockzilla’s CEO since 2016. “Our unique, consultative approach allows us to get into the trenches with our customers and tackle their specific applications.”

When customers call Dockzilla, they speak directly to sales engineers, who have the technical skillset and experience in tackling loading and logistics challenges to recommend a pre-engineered and pre-fabricated solution. The company serves as the architect for customer projects and sees them through to completion with engineering design, project management, installation and service.