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Rolling With Safety on Mobile Loading Docks

As shipping and fulfillment teams work to meet increasing supply chain demands, any hold-ups at the loading dock will stall incoming deliveries and outgoing shipments. When you need flexibility to keep loading operations rolling, there are several mobile loading ramp options that can service incoming trailers wherever they arrive. However, adding the complexities of mobility to the mix, doesn’t have to come at the cost of employee safety.

A Truckload of Pre-Engineered Safety Features

While mobile yard ramps have been a staple at job sites for years, they lack the design ingenuity to deliver in high-volume, fast-paced work environments, and in many ways they can be a liability. Dockzilla’s mobile loading docks are architecturally-designed steel structures that include pre-engineered and patented safety features designed to address the employee hazards involved in mobile loading.

Companies like Xcel Energy, Cushman & Wakefield, and Ming’s Mark are among the customers who have chosen Dockzilla mobile loading docks over yard ramps to safely tackle loading and unloading trailers anywhere on their properties. Their investment into these intuitive mobile units pays off with added versatility, improved performance, and an unequalled package of safety features to protect employees every step of the way – especially when engaging, moving, and placing the loading dock.

Fully Self-Supported

Dockzilla delivers the integrity and safety of a conventional loading dock in a mobile unit that is easily maneuvered into position by a forklift, and then held securely in place by front safety legs. In contrast, commodity mobile ramps often lack front legs and are typically only supported by the trailer bed. If a trailer departs unexpectedly, the entire ramp can come crashing down.

Easy Grab & Go

When it’s time to move our mobile loading dock, forklift operators never have to leave the forklift to engage the unit. They simply slide both forks into the kingpin attachment, attach the kingpin to the ramp, and then easily maneuver the dock around the property. To move a commodity mobile ramp, the forklift operator has to take additional steps to manually connect the ramp.  They’re typically only able to attach a single fork to the unit, which causes instability and makes the ramp much more difficult to move.

Plus, only Dockzilla recesses the curbs at the base of the ramp. This gives the forklift a full 180-degree turning radius and more room to maneuver, reducing the time and effort needed to reposition the ramp – especially important at properties with limited space.

Hands-Free, Automatic Wheel Placement

Our patented automatic wheel placement system uses the power of the forklift to get the ramp set up for duty.  It’s designed so that as the forklift lifts the base of the ramp, the wheels automatically pull forward and lock into place. Conversely, mobile yard ramps require employees to use an archaic hand crank method to place the wheels, which is physically-exhausting — particularly in high volume loading environments — and can result in injuries.

Our business is fast paced and dynamic, so we chose a mobile loading dock from Dockzilla to boost our velocity and safeguard the hard working employees we rely on to keep our operations humming along.
Pete Boudreau, General Manager, Ming’s Mark

Solid, Never-Flat Wheels

Our engineers designed exclusive, 20” high-capacity solid steel wheels that never go flat. This means that forklifts can confidently navigate 25,000 lb. loads without worrying that the unit may get a flat tire during the loading or unloading process. Mobile yard ramps take a different approach, equipping their units with cheaper, inflatable tires that put workers and loads at risk of a hazardous blow-out.


Open, Serrated Bar Grating for Better Traction

Dockzilla’s mobile loading docks include open, serrated bar grating for a sturdy, high-grip ramp surface that provides substantial traction for forklifts.  The open bar grating doesn’t allow rain, snow or ice to accumulate, so forklifts won’t slide backwards down the loading ramp.  While some mobile yard ramps offer bar grating surfaces, it’s typically a costly add-on.  Plus, when typical wear and tear requires the ramp surface to be replaced, only Dockzilla is designed to easily swap out the bar grating, instead of having to replace the entire yard ramp when the time comes.

Built to OSHA & IBC Standards

Our mobile loading docks are architecturally designed with key safety features in line with OSHA/IBC codes, while commodity ramp companies only offer these features as pricey add-ons, if they are available at all. Check out our 13” extra tall side curbs and handrails above 30” of elevation. We know that a safe and confident workforce is a productive workforce. Take a look at our recent article all about how you can increase productivity WITHOUT sacrificing safety.

Dockzilla Mobile Yard Ramp Dock DSC09362

Safety and Ingenuity on Wheels

Companies that need flexibility in their daily operations choose our mobile loading docks because each unit is a self-standing steel structure built to AISC standards and engineered to eliminate common loading hazards. Get the safest mobile loading option on the market that can meet trailers where they arrive AND withstand the demands of daily, high-volume loading operations. Get a loading dock on wheels that maximizes productivity while minimizing the added risks involved with mobile loading. Get a Dockzilla mobile loading dock.

Fully Loaded for Safety

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