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What Would George Do? Top 5 Ways to Load Like a Leader  

We’re pretty sure George Washington would be pumped to see there’s a modern way to load and unload amber waves of grain, pallets of American flags, and building materials for Mount Vernon expansions.  Today we celebrate Washington’s Birthday and his legacy as our country’s first engineer, with the “Top 5 Ways to Load Like a Leader” – a list compiled by our experts who help customers tackle what goes down at the loading dock.

#1. Modularity:  Once you pour concrete, there’s no turning back.  DZ’s modular above ground loading dock gives you complete, safe trailer unloading operations that you can remove and relocate as your business changes.  No excavation needed.

#2. Safety:  We skimp on nothing.  DZ forklift loading ramps are self-supported on structural steel, “no-maintenance” legs.  Our architecturally-sound, yet 100% relocatable designs include OSHA standards such as handrails; extra tall, solid side curbs; and wheel chocks.


#3. Speed:  We feel your need for speed with the safest, smartest loading ramps in stock and ready to ship.  With Dockzilla’s free engineering consult and guidance, you could load hundreds of trailers in the months it takes to assess your loading logistics needs, pull building permits, tear up your property, and wait for concrete to dry.


#4. Usability:  Forklifts need room to move.  Our standard loading dock width is 96″ clear, sensibly matching the width of OTR trailer doors.  Sadly, commodity ramps are manufactured at narrower widths, forcing forklift operators to adopt creative, unproductive, and often hazardous antics in order to fully load and unload trailers.


#5. ROI:  Dockzilla is the loading dock that keeps on giving.  When you combine numbers 1-4 above with an industry-topping 5 yr. structural warranty, a long and productive lifespan, relocation capabilities, and peace of mind, DZ delivers the best value over any conventional loading dock or commodity yard ramp available.


Like George Washington, our engineers design and build every Dockzilla loading structure with the highest integrity, and we’re setting a standard to “establish an ideal by which all are judged.”  To find out more or to get in on the action, reach out to our experts for help selecting the best loading configuration.