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Unexpected Modifications in Loading Dock Construction Cause Troublesome Results

Blog Post Courtesy of Arbon Equipment Corporation



Prior to construction of a new loading dock, a company agreed to a straight 3% decline for the dock approach.

After construction, for unknown reasons, the approach was much different with a 8% decline and a trench drain 10′ from the dock face.

Needless to say, this type of approach provided numerous safety and operational issues. Damage to dock equipment as well as problems servicing different size and styles of trucks and trailers was a certainty. A solution to this problem as a must-have.



The Leum Engineering Pit Filler Wheel Riser bridges the compound decline over the trench drain area and creates a consistent line of approach, the Pit Filler has reduced the slope of the approach and minimized the trailer bed drop eliminating equipment damage and potential safety issues.

All trucks being serviced now meet the dock at the correct height for the service range of the equipment and everything works properly – Thanks to the Leum Engineering Pit Filler Wheel Riser!



Management is very happy to arrive to work in the a.m. and not find that the night shift left a forklift or pallet jack bottomed out or stuck between the dock leveler and the back of a trailer.