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Test Drive the Loading Dock Before Signing a Lease

When shopping industrial buildings for a major company move, it can be easy to overlook what’s lurking at the loading dock. Because modular forklift ramps can quickly modernize any existing shipping/receiving setup, the facility’s loading dock situation shouldn’t preclude you from finding the best option for your business.


To help you easily assess a facility’s existing operations, Dockzilla’s engineers created a Loading Dock Test Drive. Whether you’re a logistics expert or new to this part of the business, the test drive can help you ensure the current docks will be successful for your business, or if modifications are needed via a checklist:

  1. Getting Organized:  Meet with your logistics/warehouse team to determine priorities and expectations for the docks, such as loading volume, key measurements, and plans to reconfigure down the road.
  2. As-Is:  When looking to make an existing dock work for your company, the test drive will tell you what to look for in terms of safety codes and dock condition.
  3. Fine Print:  Pay special attention to key details related to loading dock construction in the lease. They may seem simple at first, but can cost thousands upon lease reclamation.
  4. Test Drive Results:  Once you know the dock’s pros and cons, Dockzilla engineers can help you find a modular loading dock fix or modification to meet your business needs.


To deploy a Dockzilla engineer to review a facility’s test drive details, email the document to [email protected] or call 1-800-637-3036. Dockzilla will work with you to help quickly modernize any facility with modular loading docks, forklift ramps, and platforms. If your company requires added loading capacity or mobile loading dock options, our engineers can also zoom into a facility’s address on Google Earth to conduct a visual assessment.

In addition, Grant Leum, founder of the Dockzilla modular loading dock concept offers a variety of tips at www.dockzilla.com/move-on. Taking the loading docks for a test drive will help you assess the existing loading dock scenario at any property like a pro so you can confidently identify loading dock pluses and pitfalls before you sign a lease or contract.