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Ready, Set, Go! DZ Dock to Ground Ramps Ready in < 2 Hours

In the time required for concrete to cure on a conventional building access ramp, vehicles and forklifts could have been cruising in and out of your facility for an entire week with a Dockzilla Dock to Ground Ramp.  In fact, this rockstar ramp sets up in less than 2 hours, with safety and productivity features that puts catalog yard ramp options to shame.  

See how to set up a Dock to Ground facility access ramp in this video:

Here’s how it works:

  1. Deliver:  Direct the truck driver to back the flatbed right up to the dock door
  2. Hook it Up:  Rig the crane’s offloading chains into the ramp’s 4 “pick point” loops provided and lift the ramp
  3. Position:  The crane will hover the ramp close to the building until in line with the dock door and set into place
  4. Safety Features:  You won’t find this step if you order a yard ramp from a catalog, as they are sorely lacking in the safety features that are standard on every DZ Dock to Grade Ramp:
    • Handrails:  4-OSHA/IBC compliant handrails are included for the safety of employees, vehicles and forklifts.  
    • Base Anchor Plates:  This exclusive design includes base plates to anchor the dock to ground ramp into place during use.  
    • Adjust Legs:  Use the crank handle included to adjust the front adjustable safety legs to their desired height.
    • Tallest Side Curbs:  Forklift operators can maneuver without falling concerns, thanks to 13″ side curbs
    • No-Snag Curbs:  DZ curbs are built solid to prevent fork snagging vs. commodity ramps built with open side curbs
    • 5-Year Structural Warranty:  DZ’s warranty is unmatched (vs. 30 or 60 days on typical yard ramps), giving management confidence in their investment.

Let Team Dockzilla help you get this robust forklift loading ramp ASAP or provide expert advice on any loading dock solution.  Deploy Dockzilla engineers and get loading!