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Portable Loading Dock

Modular Loading Dock Adds Shipping Capacity Anywhere Dockzilla's Portable Loading Dock fuels forklift operations that's 5x faster than manually loading trailers. Architecturally-designed per OSHA and IBC codes, these modular structures are ideal for adding shipping capacity and for use at grade-level buildings (without dock high... Read more

Adjustable Height Loading Dock

Simplified Height Adjustment to Load Trailers of Varying Heights To maintain productivity when servicing trailers of varied heights, Dockzilla's Adjustable Height Loading Dock features adjustable front support legs with an impressive 32” to 56” service range to offload most vehicles - from pickup trucks to... Read more

Loading Dock Platform

Elevated Loading Platforms Fuel Quick-Turnaround Distribution Dockzilla’s Loading Dock Platforms stand up anywhere needed to increase distribution velocity. These modular structures integrate self-standing dock levelers and elevated “dock height” workspace so forklifts can quickly offload incoming trailers, and stage freight for immediate transfer to outbound... Read more

Mobile Loading Dock

Mobile Loading Dock That's Highly-Engineered & Easy to Use Dockzilla’s mobile loading dock is not your typical mobile yard ramp. It's an architecturally-engineered loading dock that's designed to mitigate the most common hazards involved when employees are required to engage and position mobile equipment. Our... Read more

High-Capacity Implement Loading Dock

High-Capacity Loading Docks Engineered to Simplify Epic Loading Challenges For the intimidating chore of loading massive equipment onto flatbed trailers, Dockzilla's high-capacity implement loading docks are built stronger, wider, & longer to manhandle any project. These freestanding, modular structures provide the total loading dock package... Read more

Extra Wide Loading Dock

Extra Wide Loading Dock Measures Up to Oversized Freight Dockzilla’s Extra Wide Loading Dock eases the difficult transition of expansive freight from dock to trailer. These wider loading docks set up outside of the trailer doors and there's no side curb interference, so forklifts have... Read more

Dock to Ground Ramp

Premium Ramp Engineered for Safety Unlike commodity models, Dockzilla’s premium dock to grade ramps are built at 96” clear width (vs. 78”) to match typical 8’ wide dock doors. They’re architecturally-engineered to tackle common safety issues and they arrive equipped with: adjustable front safety legs... Read more

Universal Height Ramp

Universal Design for Loading Trailers & Vans at the Same Dock Door Because Dockzilla’s Universal Height Ramps address the two-foot discrepancy between delivery vans and dock height, these hydraulic lift ramps reduce redundancies and ergonomic hazards for employees. They can quickly retrofit any dock door... Read more

Parcel Dock Ramp

Dock Door Retrofit Accelerates Delivery Dockzilla's Parcel Dock Ramps provide a cost-effective retrofit to any loading dock door without construction or permanent change to the building.  These fixed height riser ramps are set at a slight incline, so they help shorter delivery vehicles back in... Read more

Rear Axle Riser Ramp

Tackles Inferior Loading Dock Design When conventional loading dock design makes it difficult to load vehicles that are shorter than dock height, Dockzilla's Rear Axle Riser Ramps are a smart retrofit for any dock door. These modular ramps lift the rear axle of short vehicles... Read more

Z-DECK® Truck Leveler

Best Practice Design Leveraged by Automotive Industry Dockzilla's Z-Deck® truck leveler retrofits any dock door at facilities that aren't designed to accommodate lower, drop-deck trailers. A safety standard used by top auto manufacturers over the last two decades, the Z-Deck® leveler ramp features a Z-shaped... Read more

Drive-In Loading Ramp

Expedite Loading Inside a Facility Our drive-in ramps transform any warehouse into a distribution facility in a fraction of the time it takes for conventional ramp construction. These two-piece loading dock ramps are engineered in expanded sizes to accommodate wider clear widths and more substantial... Read more

Exterior Loading Dock Leveler

Bolt-On Dock Levelers Eliminate Floor Destruction Caused by Pit Style Dock Plates Dockzilla's exterior loading dock levelers offer a more modern and sustainable approach to loading dock leveler design and installation that delivers energy efficiencies and cost savings.  No Construction: Exterior dock levelers reduce reliance... Read more

Dock House Exterior Dock Leveler

A More Modern & Sustainable Approach to Loading Dock Design  Dockzilla's Dock Houses and Exterior Loading Dock Levelers install on the exterior of the building to drive substantial ROI: Save Energy: Dock door closes directly on the building floor, not on a steel dock plate... Read more

Building Expansion Platform

Loading Dock Platforms Expand Facilities Without Construction Dockzilla’s building expansion platforms provide a fast, versatile retrofit to existing grade level or dock height doors without requiring any structural changes to the building. These heavy steel platforms are positioned at existing doors (inside or outside the... Read more

Cross Docking Platform

Modular Facility + Loading Docks Fuels High-Speed Cross Docking on Any Property Only Dockzilla’s loading dock and modular design know-how can deliver a cross docking or transloading facility on any property, so there’s no need to build a facility or invest in a long term... Read more

Mobile Cross Dock

Immediately Add 10 Dock Positions for Expedited Last Mile Deliveries Dockzilla’s mobile cross dock is a self-contained sort center that arrives fully-equipped with electrical, conveyors, lighting, fans, and loading dock equipment to drive throughput for last mile delivery vehicles. These mini, modular DCs boost order... Read more

Distribution Warehouse

Create Distribution Velocity Without the Long-Term Commitment Only Dockzilla can quickly mobilize a last-mile distribution center on any available property for peak season deployment or long-term use, so there's no need to invest in real estate. These buildings are engineered to include everything required to... Read more

Rail Dock Safety Barrier

Mitigate Employee & Forklift Vulnerabilities Near Rail Dock Drop-Offs Our Rail Dock Safety Barriers are a force to be reckoned with when guarding the 4 ft. drop off at rail docks.  Designed to exceed OSHA fall protection standards, these barriers feature guard railings set at... Read more

Safety Swing Gates

Hinged Safety Gates For Two-Pronged Personnel Protection Dockzilla’s safety swing gates feature OSHA compliant personnel fall protection at 42" and 21" to eliminate the nearly 3 ft. fall hazard at the front, or on either side, of a loading dock.  When dock doors are left... Read more