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Basement Brainstorming: DZ Engineers Offer No-Cost Support

The last 30 days have been particularly intense for all of us, and Team Dockzilla has been in the trenches – delivering rapid response loading dock ramps and supply chain set-ups to grocery and food delivery customers, essential supply manufacturers, and medical organizations. To continue lending our resources in as many meaningful ways as possible, our mechanical and structural engineers are providing no-cost loading operations support (live from their basement offices):

1. Getting the Right Solution: Daily ideation and Q&A sessions with customers on current or future loading and logistics projects. We assess applications, provide engineering drawings, and recommend cost effective, fast set up, modular solutions. Call Us: 1-800-637-3036; Email Us: [email protected]

connor in basement

2.  Personal 1:1 Meeting: Our sales engineers have introduced an interactive product selection guide to simplify portable loading dock options.  DZ engineers narrate this visual “virtual tour” in about 10 minutes while delivering solutions for customer applications.

3.  Architectural Design Consultation:  Our chief architectural engineer, Grant Leum, is scheduling 1-hour design consultations at no cost to review new or existing building plans and integrate modular loading solutions for a cost effective, less time-intensive approach.  This consultation includes insights on OSHA safety and IBC building codes, gross load and capacity requirements, and other insights. Schedule a 1-hour architectural design consultation: 1-800-637-3036 or email: [email protected]

We have increased manufacturing and production of Dockzilla portable loading docks and loading dock ramps to answer specific demand areas throughout the country. We encourage you to reach out so we can prioritize a shipment for you and reduce lead times.